Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Funki Fabrics Lace top....

Lost at the bottom of my stash drawer, I came across this piece of bright pink lace and remembered it was part of my stash sent from Funki Fabrics. I chose it with thoughts of using it as an overlay for a sweetheart neckline dress last winter. I should have gone for black though as I soon realised a bright pink dress with lace wasn't really something I was going to wear, nice idea though, this lace is really stretchy so it would be good to use as an overlay without needing to add darts etc.

I decided to keep this simple, it's a fussy enough fabric to begin with. I used the Grainline Scout Tee pattern as a base and made a few alterations to make it sleeveless, high neck and have a key hole at the back. 

That worked out ok, but I should really give it a better press so you can't see the bias binding I used at the opening, whoops.

I underlined the lace with a pink cotton but I think it's a bit too stiff for this top. It makes it pull funny at the sides as there pretty much no drape to it

The insides are a visual disaster. I was impatient and instead of waiting to buy some matching bias binding I just used bits of left overs. 

Un-matching hideousness alert!...

Not the best make ever but I did wear it as part of #mmmay the other day so theres win there I suppose....

I think I could do with going back to basics with a couple of top patterns and really getting the fit right, I seem to have gone off piste a couple of times and they've been a bit rubbish. Colette Sorbetto I'm coming for you!

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  1. Very brave colour but it totally suits you with your dark hair. I do love a key hole opening. x