Thursday, 7 May 2015

#MMMay15 Days 1-7....

A week already?! 
I decided not to post my pics all over the internet every day this year but just stick with weekly blog posts, no one needs to see my face that much in one week....


Oh yeah, I spent the first few days of MMMay swanning around in the glorious sunshine in beautiful Dubrovnik (have you been? Oh me oh my I loved it, if you haven't been then go!) The bonus of this was that I got to squeeze this next make into the mix...




This was my first day back to work after our trip away and the bank holiday weekend, I had a squillion emails to deal with and ran home to cry on the sofa about not still being on holiday....I couldn't find time between typing and crying to take a photo but I was wearing this Hazel dress...promise



Week 1 thoughts....

I didn't really put much effort in this week, it was more a case of get up -put on dress-go. My pledge sort of had a bit of an emphasis on 'outfits' so I need to try and gather myself and mix and match those bits in my me made wardrobe.
I think I much prefer not posting my pics every day and I managed to not have to take a toilet selfie once! ....bonus points to me.


  1. Great first week! Love that your beautiful cat makes it into one of your pictures. Also I'm so excited to hear that you loved Dubrovnik - we are going there on our honeymoon (in just over 6 weeks! Eeeeee!). Any must-see/do things? Also I'm in awe of your awesome swimming cossie. x

    1. Thanks Ree, that cat face always manages to get involved!
      Ah I'm so jealous you're going, I just loved it. Are you there for long or moving around? I'll try not to garble on too much as you'll have figured out your own things but I'd say big YES's to...
      Walk the old town wall (just not on a hot day)
      Lokrum Island-take a picnic and lounge on the rocks all day, that water is chilly but so so clear, wander around to find a good spot-we found the most beautiful cove with almost a window through the craggy rock looking out to the sea. And the peacocks are beautiful (although noisy buggers!)
      Do you like Ice cream? Ok I might go a bit over the top with this but I am in love!....Don't get any on the main strip in the old town-its weirdly synthetic and sort of doesn't melt?! Find a little place called Dolce Vita, I think its 3rd or 4th alley on the left as you walk down the main strip after walking in through Pile Gate, it has orange table and chairs outside...oh wowzers...just the most amazing ice cream ever and it's like £ made.
      The whole place is so picturesque, you'll have a fab time, ahhh I wanna go back now! x

    2. I'm so glad you had such a great time! we are there for a week, and had planned to have a day on one of the islands . We had looked at Lokrum as an option so it's reaally great to have you recommend it! Tried and tested! Oh and I LOVE ice cream! We will definitely be hunting out the place you have described!!! Thank you Zoe, it has just made me even more excited to go :) xxx