Thursday, 21 May 2015

#MMMay15 Days 15-21...


 Unblogged eyelet scout variation-blog post coming soon, expect the top to look a little different by then....

Tilly Miette and Polka dot Plantain



Frankendress, finger knit necklace and Pavot coat


 Week 3 thoughts...

   I managed to photograph all of my clothes this week, yey me! I didn't manage to photograph them all on me but hey, details.
I admitted defeat and put my tights back on this week,  I'm not happy about that, tights are for winter and mid May is NOT winter however this does mean that I get to wear a few more things than I would usually. I have a few dresses and skirts that I wouldn't really wear with bare legs. I tend to make my summer dresses a couple of inches longer and when I wear them with tights it feels a bit frumpy and if I try to wear the winter ones without they feel way too short...oh the trauma! So anyway, tights means I got to wear my spring Anna today and I think it might be it's last outing, there's a tear under the arm, buy the side zip, that's been sewn up at least 3 times already. I'm blaming the cheap fabric choice and possibly my terrible first try at a side zip. Lessons learned.
So next week is the last of Me Made May?! It's gone sooo fast! Fingers crossed for better weather (as always)

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