Thursday, 14 May 2015

#MMMay15 Days 8-14....


It was raining and I spent pretty much most of the day in doors sewing, woop! I was wearing some unblogged Sew Over It Ultimate trousers (which need a lot of adjustments when I find the time) and a stripey Plantain but you'll just have to take my word for it!




Colour block Scout and finger knit necklace

Week 2 thoughts...

I'm still not really doing me made 'outifts'.Which is mainly to do with the weather, it's that funny in between where it's not quite cold enough for tights (well not for me, it makes it feel like it's still winter and I can't do that in May) but not quite warm enough for bare legs either-this means I'm not wearing any skirts so I haven't been mixing it up with my me made tops. Maybe nearer the end of May.
I'm noticing I have a big gap in me made clothes for my bottom half, in particular trousers. This isn't something I want to delve into too much, I don't fancy trying to make my own jeans but I did have a go at some sew over it Ultimate Trousers (and wore them without taking a photo) which I would love to have another go at. I think once I get the fit right (they need to come in on the legs a bit more and I need to find a fabric with just the right amount of stretch) I could make up a denim and black pair that I'd want to wear quite a bit....


  1. I'm jealous of your wardrobe. I'm still in tights because I'm the worlds coldest person, but I find a lot of my skirts and dresses ride up awkwardly when I wear them with tights, and wearing a slip can only do so much. Hopefully the weather will get better so I can get my legs out soon!

    1. Ah that's sweet of you to say :)
      Today I've given in and the tights are back on, I am NOT happy!