Sunday, 21 June 2015

Dad's Day Negroni....

I don't know about you but I never know what to get my Dad for dad's day. I usually end up with something like a book, chocolate, or booze which are all well and good but I never feel like it's particularly special. So this year I went for it with some selfless sewing with a home sewn man make :)

I made my first Colette Negroni shirt in April for the Mr. It ended up quite different to an original Negroni. I made alterations to make it more fitted and with a collar stand which is the type of shirt the Mr was after. I felt that that shirt was a massive triumph and was keen to get on with another before I lost the shirt nack! 

My dad is much more of a casual short wearer and this pattern is just perfect for him. I knocked up a toile a few months ago so I could make sure the sizing wasn't totally off, which it wasn't, then I went in search of fabric. 

I was initially looking for something fish themed (dad likes a bit of fishing :) but there wasn't anything I came across which was quite right, although I love this river fish print from Cath Kidston (can only find it in oil cloth now) but it was a bit spendy for a casual shirt. 
(maybe for your birthday dad ;)

Everything else was a bit too novelty. I say that like there is fish fabric out there somewhere that won't be novelty, but you know what I mean?

Anyways, I ended up keeping it simple and picked up some navy gingham cotton from Ditto fabrics. I just managed to get the whole shirt out of 2 meters and I used some left over swimming ladies for the inside back yoke

I made no alterations to the pattern this time, it's all original Negroni. It's a really nice pattern to sew up, it just takes a bit of time what with all of the flat felled seams and collar and buttons...but enjoyable!

I started this a week or so ago but then was all busy in the evenings and weekends and it fell by the way side, I had to instigate some lunchtime button sewing so it was ready to get in the post in time for today.

I've also just recently bought some fray check so my button holes are all now super solid. Wow I love that stuff!

My finished shirt even got a little love from Colette Patterns over on twitter.. *swoon*

Happy Dad's day!


  1. This is brilliant! Hope your dad loves it.

  2. Thank you Zoe my clever daughter, it is fantastic and fits a treat. Will be modelling it in Brighton next week. x x x

  3. What a lovely shirt and how nice to make something as a pressie. Th contrast inner yoke is lovely. Xx

  4. What a lovely idea! My dad wants a Union Jack jacket - which is a bit ambitious for me. Maybe I'll make him a shirt instead? (BTW, my dad is German so it's not patriotic, just a bit odd.) Meike x