Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Eyelet Scout (lessons in reducing claustrophobia) ......

So this blog title refers to an interesting 'incident' involving this make, but I'll get to that in a bit.

I've had my eye on this top from Pinterest for quite a while...

I think it was originally from Boden USA but I can't find it anywhere so it's probably pretty old.  I love how simple the shape is but it's so cute in that gorgeous crisp white eyelet fabric, and that cute collar....

So, last trip to Goldhawk road I picked me up some white cotton eyelet. I really liked the circle and square pattern of the embroidery.
I used the Grainline Scout pattern as a base, this pattern doesn't have any darts on the bodice, I thought that would match the Boden version best. I altered the neckline a bit to raise it and drafted a collar, and also added a key hole to the back neckline as a way to get my head in :) I lined the bodice in a soft cotton so that I didn't always have to wear a vest top or cami underneath, all of which worked out pretty well.

Now, onto the 'incident', via the part that didn't work out so well.
This involves a tale of 3 sleeves. The first sleeves I added looked like this..

The selvage/selvedge (??) of the fabric has a cute scalloped edge, which I used for the hem, and thought how cute it would be across the sleeve edges too. Well yes, they were cute, but because using it meant the edges had to be straight rather than curved it made them sit way too snuggly on my arms. I tried it on and then had to have some help to take it off drag it off my arms in a very un ladylike fashion.
But look how sweet!...

Alas, I couldn't keep those cute edges so I got out the seam ripper and took off the sleeves and cut the edge and hemmed as normal. Still cute, not as lovely as they could of been but oh well....

So with my newly hemmed sleeves, I wore this top when I was travelling back from a lovely weekend in Bristol (For me made may!) I had noticed that the fabric felt ever so slightly stiff, there is no stretch or movement what so ever in this stuff!, but by no means tight so I didn't think to make any changes. The train we were on got pretty busy and and pretty hot which led to much shuffling in seats and me then realising that actually these sleeves were a little too tight and OMG I can't move my arms and actually at any moment I will need to rip this top right off my body because I CAN'T MOVE MY ARMS, and that means I can't breathe and I'm literally thinking is there anything in my bag that I can use to cut this top off me right NOW!!! 
Ok, I'll be fine, just breathe and have a snooze, NO I CAN'T MOVE, I CAN'T BREATHE!!! This was all just going on in my head by the way, I wasn't screaming to a train load of people about the tightness of my sleeves, but in my head the panic was REAL. In the end I legged it to the toilet with the only other top I had with me (a vest top I wear to could have been worse, I could have had nothing) and struggled out of the thing without stumbling out the door in my bra. RELIEF. Oh wow, I felt like a new woman sitting back in my seat in my pj vest. No. F***s. Given. 

 So yeah, that's the whole mental story about my sleeves. Dramatic enough? 

Needless to say that sleeves v3 have since been added; I cut the same ones again and just reduced the seam allowance by half an inch, I can now freely move my arms. Oh the joy. Although I can't really work out why these ones ended up so snug, I've cut so many scouts all in the same size and all the others have relatively baggy sleeves??

Apart from all that, look pretty top! 
I think I did an ok job of getting it to look the top of my Pinterest dreams too, and at least I was able to keep the scalloping on the hem.

Have I just come across as an absolute loon or do other people get a bit fidgety in ill fitting clothes? (please say you know what I mean!)


  1. I totally understand what you mean ... And the top looks awesome!