Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Happy sunny Wednesday everyone! 
I'm excited at the prospect of it actually being summer soon (she says, ignoring the imminent rain on the weekend forecast) Well whatever the weather decides to do I've started on my summer dress sewathon. 

My first newbie for the summer is this 2444 variation with these beautiful pink flamingos....

Check out that smug face, it's coz I'm all happy with this dress. I just love this fabric and am so happy that I managed to get my hands on some. It's Michael Miller from the Village Haberdashery and I missed out when they first had some in so when I saw a tweet alerting to some new stock I was on it. Then something went a bit wrong with my delivery address and I thought it would be lost forever :( Luckily as it turns out Annie is just the best and when it got returned to the store she sent it right back out, thank you again for your help Annie! I think it must be out of stock again as I can't find any on the website, but looking throguh Pinterest it looks like quite a few people grabbed it :)

So yeah, the dress bodice is once of my all time favourites; Simplicity 2444. Since I made some alterations to take in the neck gape this just sits so nicely. It's so great to be able to get out your pattern and just know it's going to fit well. Well worth the hassle of altering pattern pieces.

Everything was cut on the cross grain so that the clouds and mingo's were the right way up but it doesn't seem to have affected the fit at all.

I added a simple gathered skirt so that I didn't have to cut into the border print at all, I used the full 2m length without side seams. I had to forgo pockets but I didn't want to loose any width. I haven't added gathered skirts for ages. I thought for a while that they were really unflattering for my pear shape. It was testing the Bonnell  that brought me back to reconsidering it and actually I think I quite like it again, what do you think? Too pouffy?

I just used the selvedge as a guide for a small hem too so I didn't loose much length of the skirt. After I had cut the bodice pieces out there was *just* enough for the length of skirt I like, phewy.

I'd say that the background is more greeny than blue, and to be fair it's called seafoam so yeah that eludes to more green. It's not quite what I expected but me oh my it really is beautiful with the pink. 

I had enough fabric to part self line the bodice, for the two back pieces I had some left over indian cotton from Goldhawk Road. Which reminded me go pick a stash of this up the next time I'm there as it's perfect for linings, so soft.

I got a bit lazy and stitched in the ditch around the waist to secure the lining rather than hand stitching, in fact I might try to do this more often in my attempt to rid myself of all hand stitching forever. 

Right I'm scooting off to the beach for the evening before the sunshine disappears!


  1. Yay for clouds and flamingos, I love it!

  2. Those flamingos are awesome! I think the fit and flare shape looks great on you too!

  3. This is brilliant! What's not to love about S2444 and flamingos?!