Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Hawthorne Lou....

I'm in love with a new pattern, it's the Colette Hawthorne again...

After my first summer sleeveless Kitty version I was itching to sew up another straight away and went ahead and ordered this lovely Robert Kauffman Union Chambray from Fondant Fabrics. This fabric is perfect for a summer version of this dress. Really light, almost linen like, and such a nice colour, I'd say it's a blue/grey so really good as a neutral. The little woven dots are so cute.

I didn't make any alterations to the bodice as I find it a really good fit. i nearly made the collar more rounded at the tips but thought it would be a little lost as it's all in the same fabric, I'll save that alteration for another version with contrast fabric.

I toyed with the idea of fully lining this dress as it's pretty light with some navy cotton but I actually thought it would be good to have a light dress for when it does get hot (it will get hot soon right?) and I'll just wear a slip underneath if I need to. I used french seams throughout to keep it all tidy.

I must say that since I've started adding more pics of my makes I totally get what Roisin means when she talks about derp back in photos. What is it with backs? They're actually really hard to make look good in pics, especially when I've made it look like I don't have arms either but it looked even weirder with arms....anyway  back of the bodice fits great and moving face, always ready to get involved......

For this dress I switched up the skirt and used the Lilou from Tilly and the Buttons book. I've wanted to use this skirt pattern again as I love the side pleats, I wasn't so keen on the bodice and had major fitting issues with my swimming ladies dress but the skirt is spot on. I also gave myself a kick up the bum to get on and use it after Lynn made her Hawthorne Lou mash up which is just gorgeous. I made a note to add pockets the next time I used this skirt but with this fabric being so light I didn't think they would hold well so stuck with leaving them out.

I cut at the  front fold line and added enough fabric for a seam and button placket facing so I could continue the buttons all the way down the front.

I love the shape this skirt has and it's a good one for swishing around in..... 

So that's another to be well worn Hawthorne for the wardrobe, I have at least another two in mind, I love me a shirt dress :)


  1. It's a great dress Zoe! I love it when two patterns go together. The pleats work really well. :-)

    1. Thanks Caroline, I'm really pleased with it.

  2. This looks fantastic on you! What a great fit and I love it with the Lilou skirt!

  3. This is gorgeous!! I love that you used buttons the whole way down the front on this. I'll have to copy you, and give that a go!