Friday, 5 June 2015

Kitty Hawthorne....

Since making up my first Hawthorne back in December I was getting impatient to make up a summer sleeveless version.  It was this dress that really got my over my fear of button holes and now there's no stopping me!

I REALLY love this pattern. It's such a flattering dress shape with a fitted bodice, a sweet semi circle skirt and cute, cute neckline and collar combo. I'm loving a shirt dress at the mo and this has a lovely retro feel to it. 

This amazing fabric has been in my stash for a little while. I grabbed it from Fondant Fabrics last year I think? It's liberty cotton poplin so, obviously, it's gorgeous to work with. It wasn't my favourite colours but I had to buy it (coz Hello Kitty) 

I chose to pick out the pink spots and have a contrast collar and buttons. I'm glad I made that decision as the collar would have just been lost and I now it's made up I really don't mind the colour way so much. The collar sits really well, it's edge stitched but I left off the top stitching and I used a relatively soft interfacing so it wasn't too stiff.

I might make a little pink bow belt to go with but that might be just a tad too cutesy for every day wear.

I used the pink cotton for the pockets too

Look at all of those buttons, no fear no more! I also finished all of the top stitching in hot pink thread.
Although it seems daunting, what with all of the facings and button holes, this dress comes together so easily. The fit is so good, the only alteration I made, other than grading between sizes, was to take up the hem 2 inches.

I used french seams throughout. I love how neat the insides are when you can do this, especially when you're not planning on adding a lining.

The Hawthorne is in my favorites pile at the moment. I've been thinking about a pepelum shirt version and possibly adding a slightly different skirt for a change. I had Tilly's Lilou in mind, then I saw Lynne's version and I knew it was meant to out, more Hawthornes about!


  1. This is lovely. I adore that Liberty Hello Kitty fabric. You really suit it and the dress looks great on. x

  2. This is gorgeous!! I LOVE the contrasting collar, that's a brilliant idea. Also, I must have been hiding under a rock because I didn't know Liberty did poplin - going to google it right now...

    1. Thanks Lynne, oh it's so easy to sew with. Go forth and find it!

  3. What a sweet dress and I love the pink contrast.

  4. Such a nice dress! I bought the pattern a while ago, but haven't got round to making it yet - yours looks awesome, so I might have to bump it up the list!

    1. Thanks Laura, it's well worth it, such a nice fit!