Wednesday, 3 June 2015

#MMMay15 Days 22-31...


No photo shocker!


No photo shocker #2
Tilly's Margot PJs (lazy Sunday) 



I spiraled out of photo control and just didn't even think to take one on any of these last days, work was way too busy and filled my head so much there was no room to remember to document what I was wearing and over the weekend I wasjust living life I suppose, but I wore...






So firstly this week; I did ok, I didn't really get to wear many exciting things but I still managed something each day......the less said about actually photographing those things the better.

Thoughts on me made may 2015....

I love me made may. I look forward to it from January but this year I just didn't really get into it. I did do it of course but I didn't feel I was really with it. I'm going with a few different reasons for my lack lustre feelings.... 

I have been mega busy at work, my brain has been pretty fried most evenings for the past 5 weeks or so. I'm dealing with a bigger workload than usual and hopefully it'll calm itself down over the next couple of months but it's meant I just don't have the brain space for much else (hence forgetful photographer) this also meant I missed quite a few blog posts from other lovely sewers which usually inspires me as the month goes on.

As predictable as it has been for England, the weather has been a bit shit. On one hand this made me feel that I don't get to wear my best bits for me made may, which are usually pretty summer dresses but on the other this has highlighted the fact that I don't really have enough me made's for when the weathers a bit shit but not cold enough for full on tights and coats. I really need to think about making some trousers, I did have a go at some Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers a while ago (unblogged) and could do with revisiting the pattern and making some changes so I end up with something wearable. I think if I master those then denim and black stretch is on the list and this will see me through those inbetweeny weather days.

I decided that this year I would just document my photos once a week in a round up here on the blog. I'm thinking this might be one of the reasons I managed to miss so many so maybe I should go back to posting a pic on twitter or instagram daily just so I actually remember. The whole selfie thing gets a bit much though, I really liked seeing flat lays and hanging garments like Zoe's so might go with that next year.

Thank you to (yet another) Zoe for organising another fab year of #mmmay! 


  1. I didn't sign up in time to take part this year, although have done it in the past. iI've been pretty snowed under lately and am struggling a bit to manage my time. I love your Dolly Clackett dress and your swimmer PJs and it looks as though you did really well with the challenge even if the photos didn't always happen. I'm pretty hopeless at remembering to take outfit photos in general.

    1. Thanks Char, actual life just gets in the way of internet life sometimes!