Saturday, 27 June 2015

Saltspring for summer.....

It's actually getting pretty warm here now and the forecast for next week looks amazing (28c on Tuesday, WHHAAATT??!!) Bring it on, I love summer so hard. 

What I don't have in my wardrobe is many casual dresses that you can throw on for a day at the beach or just for when it gets super hot and you're after something a bit more strappy and floaty than a fitted bodice and pleated skirt number. 

I had a bit of a pattern sort out last week and found this Sewaholic Saltspring lurking at the bottom of a drawer. I actually won it, but can't remember what competition, sometime at the beginning of last winter. It was a funny time to choose this pattern, what with it being pretty chilly, but I'd had my eye on it for a while and decided I could wait a few months before needing to rip it open. Turns out I completely forgot about it any way but it was a nice surprise to find it again!

The Saltspring is a pretty sundress where the construction of the bodice means that the outside blouses without needing a belt to do that for you. The magic comes from the lining being cut shorter...tadaa! I've seen quite a few Saltsprings on lovely sewing blogs and a few people had just used the lining pieces for the outer bodice to omit the blousing, I did have reservations about it being a bit too poofy but decided to give it a go. 

I just bought some cheap fabric and decided this version would be a wearable toile so I wasn't too bothered if it didn't work out so well. Saying that though I actually think this dress is going to be fine for the summer. 

The cutting and sewing of this dress was really quick, I managed it all in one afternoon. This is the first pattern I've used for which I cut out the same size all over with no grading out or in....amazing! I didn't realise that Sewaholic's USP was that their patterns are made with pear shaped women in mind. I love you Tasia! 

The blousing is quite big so I probably will reduce it a bit next time, and definitely just reduce rather than use the lining pieces, I think about an inch off would do it, unless I use some super fine, drapey fabric so it doesn't stick out too much. I also omitted the zip, as I'd also seen done a few times. The waist band is elasticated so it pulls on over my head with no problems. This makes it an even quicker sew.

I used a variation for the straps. There's some good tips on the sewalong. I went for adding loops to the bodice then using a long strap to pull through both sides and secure with a bow at the front. I'm pleased with these and would definitely use them again, it's nice not to have the bows right on top of your shoulder and dangling straps.

The skirt shape is a cute almost A line. Perfect for not blowing up on the windy prom. I added an inch as prefer skirts not to be above the knee. There's also need to say how much we all love pockets....

So now I need a maxi version of this and probably one or two more of this version to last me through this supposed amazing summer we're about to get. 

Have you used Sewaholic patterns before? which others do I need to add to my sewing list?

Bonus Betty Pic....

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  1. I love this fabric! You've done a wonderful job!