Friday, 24 July 2015

Second Saltspring....

In the tradition of  'I love this pattern, I need it in all colours immediately' here's my second Saltspring within a month. This time the maxi version. 
The fabric is the very gorgeous Gramercy Voile in City Lights Night. It's so buttery soft and lovely to work with, and it doesn't really wrinkle which is always an ironing haters dream. I picked this up from The Village Haberdashery after I was one of their #tvhhaul winners in June....exciting!

(not sure what we're both staring at?)

I got 2.5 meters and it was just enough for this dress with a plain black cotton for the lining.
I made this up pretty much the same as my first version, omitting the zip, but I did take an inch off the bodice length so it was a bit less puffy, I think I prefer the silhouette now.

I took about 4 inches off the skirt length. I'm 5"6 so not particularly short, maybe it's meant for wearing with heels?

Lion king/cat moment....

I added loops to the bodice again and then used long strips of fabric to make the straps. I made these a little shorter than last time so they just tie into small bows and there's less strap flapping around.

This fabric is ever so slightly see through which isn't a problem for the bodice as that's lined. To save my modestly I added a skirt lining. I just used the short skirt pattern pieces to gauge the length, I didn't want or need for this to be lined right down to my ankles, and used some soft black cotton to underline the skirt. These pieces are sewn into the same french seams as the rest of the skirt so it doesn't move around of ride up under the skirt. 

Ooh lovely pockets...

I wore this to a lovely picnic last weekend and it felt really nice and breezy. It sort of feels dressy although it's super casual. I'm looking forward to wearing this whilst padding along a sandy beach on holiday later in the year.


  1. It’s perfectly gorgeous- so chic. I want one! Lexie X

  2. What a lovely dress Zoe! The print is fab and it looks sooo comfortable x

    1. Thanks Caroline, it is a comfy one :)