Thursday, 27 August 2015

Autumn wardrobe planning....

It really has taken a turn for the more 'autumnal' weather hasn't it?! These wet mornings have made for quite difficult outfit choosing as I refuse to open up my autumn boxes until at least October. I'm actually planning on having a wardrobe sort out and rearrange before I go on holiday. I know that when we come back it'll have taken on a bit more of a chilly vibe and I'll feel ok about putting the layers back on by then. But for now I'm powering through, but maybe choosing to put on my Ultimates a bit more often than my Saltsprings.

So it's definitely time to stop the summer sewing, I'll have no need for any more summer dresses this year. Now's the time for thinking about what I'll be wanting to wear as the months get a bit chilly. It's a funny thing when you try to sew your own wardrobe. I never used to stop and think about the clothes I'd want to buy for the next season. I'd just pick up a few things as I popped into town most weeks. But now I sew everything (well most things) I've found you have to give it some forward thinking and research in order o find the right fabrics, think about whet patterns you want to use and actually plan the time when you're going to get around to making it all. I must say that I really enjoy this part of it though and my Pinterest boards start filling up with all sorts of pretties and plans.

A few things on my list at the moment look like this...

Denim tshirt dress

I'm after a mix of these two dresses, more the one on the left with the gathered skirt but in more of a denim than chambray. I've had a hankering after a denim dress for a while. I think it'll be a good wardrobe staple. I'm thinking of using Simplicity 6262 which I picked up in the sales recently. 


This is a big old hole in my wardrobe. I'm definitely a dress girl (no joke) but I have a couple that I just don't reach for I would really like to try and wear them more and have a couple of pieces of fabric that would be perfect. I'm thinking of using a few of my beloved dress patterns rather then buying skirt patterns, like a Belladone and a Hawthrone button front but I also just got hold of the Veronika pattern by Megan Nielson which is free! it's a lovely circle skirt so I'm giving that a go too, I have some perfect spotty viscose in the stash. 


This little wonder popped into my head when I was trying to work out how to get my now beloved Saltspring into my winter wardrobe. I'm going to have a go at combining it with another favourite of mine; the Grainline Scout tee and hopefully get a very comfy and cute dress to go with tights. I may already have some cute drapey fabric stuff in mind for this (I DO) so stay tuned for how this love child works out....


I have a favourite lightweight jacket which really is coming to the end of it's days. It was from Primark about 3 years ago, a navy cotton knee length hooded jacket and I really love it for throwing over a cardi or hoody when it's not freezing out. Its a good length, has a hood, and you can fold the sleeves up for when it's still warmish. I just really like it and rather than try to buy another I think I'm going to have a go at remaking it. I have this Burda pattern pinned which is similar but having seen a picture of a how Burda patterns come (think spaghetti junction on crack) I'm staying well away. I think I'm actually going to try to trace off the pieces of the jacket I have or cut it up for pattern pieces. there are a few areas which I can stand to loose, like how the hood buttons on and a lot of unnecessary knife pleating at the front so in my head I think it could be sort of simple?....hmmm we'll see. The next wet weekend I get I'm getting stuck in. 
I do also have a proper winter coat on my list but I just cant decide if the cost of the wool etc will be worth it. Ideally I'm after a collarless simple coat like this but I'm struggling to find the perfect pattern. I have fabric swatches and buttons etc but I'm just not 100% sure yet. We'll see....

 I'm sure there will be plenty of makes on top of these, there's always room for more Plantains, the odd Ballet dress oh and definitely a black pair of Ultimate trousers too! Hmm maybe this is just my autumn list and I should come back with another winter one in a few months, yep I changed the blog title this is definitely just Autumn....


  1. Oh, I LOVE the idea of a Scoutspring! Can't wait to see how that one turns out!

  2. I'm SO BAD at thinking ahead, I always want to sew in the season I'm in. Impressed with your forward thinking and love your plans!