Thursday, 20 August 2015

The last summer Saltspring.....

I managed to squeeze just one more of my newest fav patterns into my summer wardrobe....

Yes it is still summer! 

It's the ever so lovely Sewaholic Saltspring.
I've already made a couple of these here and here and both have been well worn already, the black birdie one is perfect for throwing on for a beach trip, I knew I needed just one more for my hols at the end of September. It's just so easy to wear and feels so comfortable whilst still looking pretty.

I omitted the zip again, I don't think I will ever make a version with the zip, I just can't see why you'd need it. The only change I made was to add the proper shoulder ties from the pattern rather than using loops so they're quite drapey and flappy but I actually don't mind them too much. I added a bit of fray check to the ends and tied little knots, which is decorative more than anything else I think.

This fabric is a gorgeously soft viscose from The Textile Centre on eBay. It's my new favourite spending place and I've already been back for a couple more pieces, they're such good value! This is such good quality, really rich colours and like I said, super soft. It's got little deck chairs and boat and parasols on, perfect holiday print and it's navy...winning dress.

I self lined the bodice and french seamed the insides. I forgot to get a close up pic but this is also the make where I made friends with my rolled hem foot. For some reason that little bugger had really mystified me for a while. I bought it when I was making my wedding dress but opted for a machine stitched narrow hem instead. I just couldn't work out how to feed the fabric through evenly without it going a bit wobbly. When I gave it a go this time it was so bloody simple that I don't know what I was fussing about...I'll put it down to the fear of ruining my silk wedding dress at the last rolled hems all round from now on!

I ordered 3m of this fabric as I wasn't sure I would get it all out of 2, turns out I needed 2.2m so I have a good amount left for something else, I'm thinking a skirt but it may need to wait until next year now as it's not really winter appropriate.

So this is my last happy summer Saltspring make this year, this is going to be worn the heck out of on holipops.

I'm working on trying to make a more winter appropriate Saltspring as I think I need this to always be in my wardrobe, theres definitely something working out in my head between this and the Grainline Scout....Scoutspring?......


  1. Ah, what a pretty dress! Fingers crossed we get some late summer sun so you can get plenty of wear out of it. I LOVE my rolled foot too.

    1. This weekend is looking good for Brighton, dress outing time :)

  2. You are on a roll! Another gorgeous summer dress, perfect for your hols. Off to look at the eBay shop you mentioned and try not to spend all my money.... Impressed with your rolled hem! I haven't even ever attempted one yet. Need to get brave! Xx

    1. Don't be scared like I was, it's so blooming simple! and hide your credit card before you check out that shop! x