Monday, 24 August 2015

Top 5 summer wears (aka what to make again next year).....

As the rain sloshes down I admit defeat and accept that it is nearing the end of full on summer (it's not here yet mind! I'm still on the warm side but ok, ok it's nearing
I thought I'd go through some of my most loved summer makes, mostly as a reminder for the future me of what I should be remaking when I get all excited for summer sewing again. So here's my top 5 summer me made's...

5. Simplicity 2444
It's got to be up there but it goes in at 5 as this isn't specifically a summer pattern, this is my year round winner. It will probably always make up my perfect dress. The struggle is when not to use it. I even bought myself a brand new pattern in the sales as my old one is a bit worn out and is from the time when I would actually just cut out the pattern pieces from the original sheet rather than tracing them off (shock horror!) I have many of versions this but my summer fav's are my first duvet dress (still going strong) the Dolly Clacket, my picnic Belladone mash up, my new flamingo beauty and my navy cake-this one just always feel like such a nice put together outfit. It's starting to fade a little and get a bit bobbly by the arm holes so I should treat myself to a new navy version next year. I've pretty much listed them all there haven't I? but see....FAVOURITE.

4. Dixie's Ballet Dress
Another wardrobe staple of mine. I cracked it this summer with a lovely heavy stripe jersey and kept the hem knee length. This is my comfy Sunday or stroll along the prom dress. Perfect dress for when you don't really fancy getting dressed if you know what I mean? 

3. Colette Hawthorne
In particular my chambray version. This has got a lot of love for something cool to wear to work. I added the TATB Lilou skirt as I love the pleats and as much as I love it I wouldn't do it again. Brighton is just too blustery for full skirts and when I'm walking to work with bags and phones and holding water bottles and blah blah I cannot be dealing with a skirt blowing up around my ears. Remember this ZoĆ«!... full summer skirts in heavy cotton only!
It was really nice having a chambray version. Denim goes with anything so I could switch up the look with different belts and cardi's and because of the shirt factor to the dress it still felt relatively smart (well as smart as I'll ever want to look at work) 

2. Dixie's Bonnell
This is my go to 'throw it on, it looks great' dress. I was a pattern tester for the lovely Dixie and this is my only version of the far.
I like so much about this dress. The bodice shape is lovely. The high round neck front and V back. The waist band really nips it in and the length is just perfect. This dress brought me back to considering gathered skirts again too. I can't decide if I do like the cut outs. I think maybe they don't work so well with my fabric choice, a plain colour would make them stand out a bit more, maybe black for a party dress and showing a bit of skin through those "tickle holes" would be cute? I'd like to give this one a go omitting the holes too.
I think I also wore this dress so much because of the fabric. It's a cotton from Goldhawk road and it washes up great and never needs ironing...amazeballs. 

1. Sewaholic Saltspring
This was the summer of love, of falling in love with a new pattern anyways. The Saltspring has been on my to make list for a while and when I finally got around to it I found my ideal beach dress. I've made up 3 versions this summer so maybe I won't actually need any new ones next year, haha who am I kidding I'm sure I'll make 3 more...
Easy to make, easy to wear and just an all round brilliant pattern. The first with no grading either, just one straight up size...I must look into more Sewaholic patterns.... 

So no surprises that these are all dress patterns. All the dress, all the time. I'll get to give all of this one last send off when I go on holipop at the end of September. I quite like the idea of one last shebang for them all in the sunshine then coming home to a new autumn wardrobe. Oh blimey look now I'm willing on the colder months too! It's just knowing there's a whole new pile of fabric and patterns to get stuck into I suppose so I better get on with A/W16 planning haha! Have you been thinking about your winter makes yet?

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