Monday, 14 September 2015

Autumn fabric haul...

Oooh lovely new fabric! I've accumulated a few bits that I couldn't resist but it's fine as I now have uses for all of these so they won't be lying around gathering dust!

I picked this 2m piece of Michael Miller Party Streamers cotton in one of Weaver Dee's amazing sales. I had no idea what to do with it at the time but now I'm thinking it'll be the perfect weight for a Belladone skirt. The print reminds me of something although I can't put my finger on it, is it a painting or something?

This denim was my choice of purchase at the Fabric Godmother open day back in August. I'm guessing it's the 8oz washed denim although I can't remember exactly what was on the label. It's medium weight and has no stretch (maybe ever so slightly in one direction) and this is destined to become a simple tshirt dress and possibly even another skirt if I have enough left.

Then I went a bit ebay crazy, well I say crazy but when fabric is only a few quid a meter it's hard to go wrong...

Rosey Apple Viscose from my new favourite The textile centre. This is a textured viscose, it's hard to explain the textured feel, it's still drapey and light but has an almost herringbone weave to it...yeah I said herd to explain so I'll leave it at that. It's lovely though and the print is so autmny, this is for my planned Scoutspring.

I also got some plain polka dot viscose for a circle skirt.

These last two lovelies are both from Regency Rags, who never fail to reel me in with some cute print choices.

This is the Gold Spot French Crepe. It's very lightweight and I think it might be a little bit static against tights so I'll need to test that out and probably line anything I make although i'm undecided if this will be a dress or skirt, I love the colour.

And this heart print crepe, how cute?!, has a bit more weight and texture and I love that it's a variation on standard polka dots, I'm thinking a BHL Anna or another Scoutspring if that works out.....

This will keep me going for a while, theres a Goldhawk Road trip in the pipeline so I must make sure it's used up before then. 


  1. Ooh, you've got some great fabric there. I love the heart crepe and apple viscose. I'm really looking forward to seeing how your scoutspring works out.

  2. Lovely!! I'm dying to buy new fabric for autumn clothes-making, but I've vowed not to buy any more fabric til I've used up my stash. So I shall have to wait! I'm loving the offerings from Textile Centre though, thanks for the tip-off! x

  3. Oh wow, I love the polka dots. I had to talk myself out of buying any orange with white polka dots the other day as I have too many fabrics to use up before I can even think about buying any more.