Thursday, 22 October 2015

Copy coat....

When I started to plan what I would be making for my autumn winter wardrobe a new lightweight jacket was most definitely needed and on my list. I was after something very similar to a jacket I already owned but after having a good look for a suitable pattern I decided to ditch that idea all together and just go with cutting up the jacket I already had. 

This is the jacket in question, and now I look at these photos I've realised this upgrade was well overdue. Anyways, this was from Primark a good 3-4 years ago. It's just a really useful throw on and suitable for spring and autumn but also is a good layer for mild winters.

Before I got scissor happy I had a good look over to see what features I wanted to keep. I love the adjustable sleeves, this feature is a keeper...

I like having a hood for when you're caught out in the drizzle, and I really like the fold over collar so you can zip it right up around your chin...

These little toggles inside for pulling the waist in are on the keep list too, I like being able to give it a bit of shape, especially when i'm layering it over a chunky cardy...

The bits I can stand to loose include the button on feature of the hood. I have never once detached the hood so I really can't be arsed to add these, it'll be fiddly and they are just not needed

The inside has a sort of half lining, I'm not sure this counts as a back stay as it's pretty loose, I suppose it was just decorative??
I'm going for a full lining.

I'm also want to keep the patch pockets. They are really nice and roomy and great for stuffing in your phone and keys and a million bobby pins..... I'll get rid of the ties on the front though...maybe add a bow instead?....

So I had my list of keepers so I got busy with the scissors. 

It's actually really interesting to cut up shop bought clothing and have a good nose at how it was put together and the techniques used, it also reminded me to get the interfacing out for the collar!...

I traced every piece needed onto my fabric (a black cotton drill for the outer and some cotton floral print for the lining from Goldhawk Rd) and then added a seam allowance.

I gave myself a bit of time to visualise the order or putting it all together and then just hoped I'd get it all right. I think that having sewn a few shirts helped figure out the order for the collar pieces but the rest was pretty much similar to dress and top construction really. I was surprised how quickly this actually came together considering I had no instructions....

I didn't end up adding any bows to the pockets, I just left them plain with a fold in them to take out the excess along the top. They are nice and roomy but I didn't want them gaping open.

I picked up this really long chunky zip from a shop on ebay, a buy one get one free bargain!

I particularly love the lining, it's such a happy print! It was the last 1.5 meters on a roll so I couldn't stretch to sleeves unfortunately..

I added in the waist sincher right at the end by using some binding from my stash with some cord and the toggle ends from the original coat.

I also used the lining fabric for the tabs on the sleeve adjuster and used fabric covered buttons. I did actually get a bit over enthusiastic with the button hole sewing and the holes are way too big, they seem to still do the job but I just need to add a few hand stitches to close them up a bit..

Oh yeah, I also used the lining fabric for the inside of the hood and underside of the collar too, matchy matchy goodness....

It was definitely worth cutting up the old jacket for this, I managed to get exactly the jacket I was after and I didn't have to buy a pattern I would only use once. This was a really satisfying make, how good does it feel when the image in your head actually becomes reality?!


  1. This is so impressive! I love your coat, especially the lining and the little details, it looks so good. I haven't copied any existing clothes yet but you're inspiring me!

    1. Thanks so much Sheona, I can recommend it!

  2. Brilliant! Even better than the coat you were copying!!!! Xxx

  3. This is way better than the original and the floral accents look fab. Hope you're suitably proud of yourself?! x

    1. Thanks Jane, I do have a slight smug face whenever I'm wearing it :) x

  4. Wowsers!! You coat is amazing, and you make it sound so easy! I love the lining and the fabric covered buttons. Happy wearing!

  5. Well done, it's really lovely and lots of ideas for what I'd like in a similar coat! Thanks! Jen

  6. That is a spectacular copy!!