Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Rosey Apple Scoutspring...

It's raining, I'm back from holidays, I'm back at work so now I suppose I should succumb to it actually being autumn now. 
Therefore I better get on with blogging a few makes that I'm behind on from my autumn fabric haul. First up this lovely rosey apple viscose...

I made my Scoutspring dream a reality, it worked and everything!

(scuse the phone in these pics, I was rabbiting to my mum...multitasking!)

This is a mash up of two of my favourite patterns, this top is my beloved Grainline Scout Tee

The bottom half is my newest love, the Saltspring dress

I think they work pretty well together for an easy pulled together look. I love just being able to pull on a dress and it look pretty enough not to be something I really shouldn't be wearing out in public. As with all of my Saltsprings I left out the zip, I didn't line the top of this either, I don't think it needs it and if it gets really cold I'd probably wear a vest top underneath anyways.

I did alter the sleeves and had a go at these tulip pretties. I like them but they're not perfect. I used a tutorial by Dixie which is pretty simple. I think I could do with shaving a bit more off the edges so the crossover is more pronounced. I think I also crossed these backwards. It would be a bit more obvious that this feature is there if the top piece came from the back to the front if you know what I mean? Must remember for next time.....

Pleased as punch with this one, I think I might use the heart print crepe to make another as I can see this being an item I reach for quite a lot and this is a nice quick make.
So that's the first of my autumn makes, I've got a couple of others already done so I'll be sure to get on with picture taking soon!


  1. such a fun fabric, great dress mash up ;o)

  2. Oh I love the fabric and I really like how the sleeves have turned out, super cute!