Thursday, 12 November 2015


I have a new favourite thing and it comes in the form of FOE....

Who knew a bit of fold over elastic could be so exciting?! 
I've been reading quite a bit about this wondrous stuff recently. The lovely Zoe wrote a great post about it here. She actually also has two patterns of her own (which you can download for free here, but buy her a coffee to say thanks!) to put the stuff to great use too, and that's exactly what I did....

I bought my FOE from a shop on ebay, I think it was about £2 for 3 meters, something like that which is pretty reasonable. What's exciting about this stuff is that it comes in so many colours, I went with lime green, raspberry pink and navy blue. I was trying to match my stash of stretch fabric at home without actually checking what I had but I did ok in the end. 
Zoe's patterns are for pants and a vest top. There's only a few pages to print for each so it's not a scary pdf at all. The instructions are very clear and straightforward. I don't have a serger so did it all on my machine using zigzag stitching. talking of those zig zags, I didn't even know I had a 3 step one on there....something new EVERY DAY I tell you.
So first up, PANTS...

These came together so quickly and I was so surprised by how much like real life shop pants they actually are, I mean I'm not sure what I was expecting but I'm mighty impressed!

This is the 3 step zig zag...

I suppose it means you can stretch it either way? I found this stuff so easy to sew with, you just sandwich the fabric in between the elastic and give it a slight pull as you go, so simple. 

It really doesn't have that home made finish either, I see these sort of stitches on undies all the time...

The only change I made was to add a bra shelf (shelf bra? bra shelf? is that even the right wording??) to the inside of the vest top. I tend to wear things like this when I'm not leaving the house or to bed so it's definitely a no bra situation (tmi) but I prefer to have a another layer of fabric. I used the front bodice pattern piece and marked roughly 5 inches down from the under arm, cut along this line and then added some FOE to the bottom edge. I pulled this  a bit tighter so it sits closer to the body. I then just backed it to the original pattern piece and sewed everything as normal...

Ta daa, pretty nik naks and vest set!

Seeing as this was super quick and satisfying I went in for another pair with the lime green FOE...

I think these would make pretty sweet Christmas pressies so I might try and make a few sets up for friends, if those friends are reading this....act surprised!

Thank you Zoe for the inspiration!


  1. So great! Love the sets you made, I really need to try making undies! Thanks for the inspiration and the helpful link to Zoe's FOE tutorial! Xxxx

  2. They are lovely! The FOE makes them look really professional. I love your choice of fabrics. :-)

  3. These are brilliant! I love the vest tops.

  4. I've tried making pants before with normal elastic as didn't realise FOE exists! Thanks for this - I am inspired to make some :) *heads to ebay*

    1. Me either but it's REAL and I love it :) have fun picking out all the amazing colours!

  5. These look so cute! I definitely would like to start making pants once I build up a left over stash of jersey fabric.

    By the way I've just nominated you for a liebster award as I really enjoy reading your blog. Don't feel obligied to take part if it's not your thing as it's just a bit of fun. Feel free to check out my blog post if you're interested:

    1. Thanks Jo, they're such a good stash buster.

      Thank you so much for my nomination! That's so nice of you, I'm going to have a good read now! x

  6. I love foldover elastic! I've only used it so far for a swimming costume (and I underestimated and ran out, so ended up having to self-bind some edges, oops!), but it was so simple to use and looks really good too. I LOVE the floral print of the knickers against the pink elastic, and the bright green with the black and white stripes is fab! Any chance you remember the eBay shop you bought the FOE from? Just mine was a little more expensive than that, so I'd love to find a good supplier :)
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

    1. Thanks Sian, I picked it up here;