Thursday, 26 November 2015

Zeena....take one......

After promising not to buy any new patterns this year, I caved, in November! I mean come on I only had to wait a few more weeks and this would have been totally guilt free but a discount voucher got the better of me so I stormed ahead and picked up the PDF for the By Hand London Zeena Dress

I haven't seen too many of these about but I was drawn to the casualness of it, a cute little day time dress that's a little bit loose and those cute kimono sleeves. 
Rather than a toile I thought I'd just make up a version in a fabric I wasn't crazy about. I think this is called 'Streamers' by Michael Miller and I picked it up in the Weaver Dee sale a while back. Unfortunately this choice of fabric pattern did not help with my over all feelings about this make, which are generally along the lines of......

The scoop neckline was way to gapey (sorry about the terrible lighting, what with it being dark ALL THE TIME now this is what you get). It meant the shoulders didn't sit right so the back was too loose too. 
To be fair I cut one straight size all over and the waist and skirt length are ok as are the sleeves but when I finished and put this on hoping to admire this breeze of a make in the mirror I didn't burst into a massive smile. This don't think this is a reflection of the dress pattern at all, I mostly think the fabric print is not suitable at all and it just made the whole thing look off. It's way too busy and almost hides those lovely deep pleats in the skirt. As soon as I started to cut into it I knew that it reminded me of something too, I just couldn't put my finger on what that was....
Anyway, fabric aside for the moment, back to that neck gape. I was not going to be picking this make apart and making it perfect so I put it on inside out and grabbed a bunch of pins..

I pinched out about 3 inches each side and tapered this off to the under arm. I transferred this all onto the paper pattern and neatened it up at the neckline and facing pieces for future use but for this dress I just sewed that fabric I gathered up as darts. They are by no means perfect, I mean look at that wonky bit where they meet at the neck, but it's made this version slightly more wearable and at this time of year I would probably have a scarf on anyway.

Yeah, I that neckline is bad, and actually looking at these pics I think the waist could probably come in a bit and the skirt could be a smidge longer.

I'm not defeated by this, I really think that in a plain colour or a print that's a bit less bold this would look so much better. This was definitely a lesson in pattern and fabric pairing. 
Oh and anyone who follows me on twitter might have seen that I figured out what this fabric reminds me of, yep my bathroom floor of course! It just gets better all the time doesn't it?!

So a bit of a fail but I have still managed to wear this a couple of times, it's a good Sunday dress, you know those Sunday's when you're not going to be seeing anyone :)


  1. That's a brilliant way to fix the gape! had the same problem and fixed it a completely different way.
    I really like the fabric, even if it's a bit like a bathroom floor! The dress looks really cute :)