Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Pomegranate Peony.....

I picked up some suitably Christmassy fabric from Elephant in My Handbag at the end of October. This was after realising all of my makes of late have been pretty sensible, staple items and I was in need of making something a bit more fun for a change. 
A Christmas dress! without actually been too overtly Christmassy, not to be dull, but I'm definitely more a fan of makes that I can wear more than once. When you put in so much effort it seems a shame to end up with something you can only wear once, I've even worn my wedding dress since the big day, but that's a whole other blog post.

Look it's Slinky!

So yeah, this fabric is some gorgeous Winter Pomegranates by Cotton and Steel. I love the colourway and it's a really lovely quality cotton which is super easy to sew. I'd recommend Elephant in my Handbag too, this was my first purchase from them and this turned up the day after I bought it, impressed by the super quick service! 

I chose to make a Colette Peony dress. I really like this skirt shape in the winter, it doesn't ride up under your coat or blow up in the wind (and it's so windy atm!) I just got this short sleeved version out of 2 meters.  

I wanted to make this dress a little more special so went on the hunt for a pretty exposed zip. I grabbed this one off ebay but sadly realised I mistook inches for cm as soon as it arrived, boohoo! I'll save it for a top or something. 
I put out a Twitter cry for help and I ended up finding some lovely 20inch ones on Berylune so I grabbed a few of those and will more than likely go back for more as they are so pretty I'll probably want them on all of my summer dresses too! 
Thanks for the heads up Roisin!

So this is the actual pretty!

This Peony came together really quick and easy, I've got my altered pattern piece pretty spot on now so I know it's going to be a good fit. However looking at the pic above theres a bit of rippling on the back isn't there, maybe it's how I'm standing? or maybe I need to look at that bit again......

  I wasn't really sure how to insert this zip as it's not really like an exposed zip in that the whole thing sits on the outside of the dress and nothing is sewn into the seams. So I just guessed it. I folded in the seam allowance of the bodice and bodice lining, basted them together then pinned the zip to either side of the outer bodice and sewed it straight on top of the fabric. I don't know if that's right but it works and looks fine, did I do it wrong? Any top tips for these zips?

I'm pleased with this little festive number, this print is so pretty. I actually wore this to a wedding reception at the weekend, it doesn't scream Christmas, just gives it a little nod in the right direction don't you think?

I'm starting to see quite a lot of Christmas dresses in sewing blog land, have you made one for your parties yet?


  1. Really beautiful, love the zip makes a great statement. Pretty fabric too.

  2. So cute! I've only done one exposed zip and I just guessed too - I sewed the lining and outer together right sides together and then turned them right side out so the seam was enclosed, and sewed the zip on top of that. Felt very strange to do....

    1. This is a really good exposed zipper tutorial...

  3. I love love your zipper finish!

  4. What a cute dress! I love that pomegranate fabric... a hint of Christmas, but, as you said, not too Christmas-y!

  5. Oh this is just gorgeous!!!! I love everything about it - the skirt shape of the Peony is lovely on you. and your fabric choice is perfect - as you say not necessarily Christmas specific. I think you could wear it all winter long! I'm way behind in the Christmas dress front - am just awaiting my mistletoe print fabric and I'm going to (hopefully) whizz up an emery before I go up North to visit the family. My absolute favourite though is the first picture, you're just radiating joy! So lovely. Xxx

    1. Thank you so much Ree, your comment has really made me smile! I was just so happy to find Slinky in our B&B room, it's the small things hey?!
      Ooh mistletoe fabric sounds very cute! I'm looking forward to seeing that one :) xx

  6. Lovely! It's festive without screaming Christmas. I have the Peony pattern but haven't made it yet. Love the zip too - your way of attching it is the same as I would use. :-)

  7. Beautiful! You could easily keep wearing this after Christmas as like you say it's not in your face Christmassy. The lacey zip is a lovely extra touch too.