Sunday, 10 January 2016

2016 Resewlutions....

Happy New Year to you all!

I thought I'd better get on with this post before February turns up, I seem to have blinked and missed 10 days already. 
The Christmas holidays were so nice, I had a proper digital detox and although I thought it might be a good time to get some sewing done I actually didn't get the machine out once. We were super lazy and it was perfect, just what we needed, no regrets. 

So it wasn't until this weekend that I decided to give the machine a clean and start to think about what new projects to get stuck into. 
Looking back over last years resewlutions I'm not sure that I really stuck to them, and there was only 3! 
Sewing for others: I did a bit of this but makes for me definitely still popped to the top of my to do list. You can see all of last years makes here, but I also made a few mens shirts, a few dresses and tops for my mum and some cute bibs for all of the new babies that turned up. 

Pattern variations: When I was sewing for me I was meant to be trying out some different versions of my favourite patterns, something I'm not sure I really got on with at all. I tended to stick to more TNT patterns and concentrated on bettering the fitting and finish which is no bad thing. 
Me Made May: Lastly I made sure I had enough to wear for MMM2015 and I found this challenge went really well, I'm really not sure how to up the challenge this year but we've got a few months to think about that one.

I don't think I really have any new resolutions regarding sewing this year, if anything I will be working on the same points as last year. 
I'm going to be making 3 bridesmaids dresses for my cousins summer wedding which I'm super excited about, if I time it all well enough I'll also be making a couple of the guests dresses and maybe a tie or two too, and I've even started off my first project of he year which is another shirt for Mr M so selfless sewing won't be a problem in 2016!.....

I must, must, must, make up some new pattern variations of my favourite dresses. Off the top of my head I'd like to try a short v-neck Anna, a sleeveless S1873 and a Bonnell without the cutouts. 
I think I could do with a little self imposed spending ban on fabric for a few months too. I've not got a huge stash but enough to be getting on with. I don't have the space to keep hold of loads of fabric bundles and I don't like how having a huge stash with no plans makes me feel either. I'm going to work on this little lot first of all...

I either want to make something from it or at least decide what it will be used for in the near future. if not then I'm going to de-stash it to someone else. I've got another drawer full of smaller pieces and I'll do the same with that too. I then only wan to buy fabric that is going to be used straight away.......I'll be interested to see if I can stick to this, I'm already trying to think of get out clauses! I need more will power!

I'm also going to make sure I get to know my sewing machine better. I'm pretty much self taught so rarely stray from what I know. My mind was blown back in November when I realised I had a 3 step zig zag function and could therefore use some nifty FOE and make up these pretty pants!

Only today I found out what this weird foot and attachment are for.....

Only bloomin' sewing on buttons!! 3 shirts and 3 shirt dresses later....oh well the next one will be a whizz! So yeah, read those instruction manuals, you never know what you might learn!

Happy 2016 sewing!

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  1. discovering machine sewn buttons was heaven for me! I used magic/scotch tape to hold the buttons in position and you can sew straight through it. Now I think twice about choosing shanks....happy new year ;o)