Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Stash plans...

So after saying that clearing my stash is something I really need to do before filling my boxes with any more fabric I thought I would put a few ideas down on the old blog to get me motivated. I have a lot of Pinterest boards and I love using them but sometimes I need to pick out the ideas relvant to each make as I forget what's been inspiring me. These are the main pieces from my stahs and I thought I'd make a start on these before moving onto smaller and more obscure pieces. So here they are...

Fabric stash: 2m Giant black and white check cotton

I've been lusting after this dress from Laura Ashley for a while. I can't remember if it's from last summer or the year before? You never really come across giant check fabric so when I found some I grabbed a couple of meters straight away. In hindsight I probably should have gone for 3m so I could get a nice full skirt out of it but 2 is what I have so I'm thinking of the BHL Anna bodice and more of an A line skirt rather than gathered. Also I'd quite like to make this up to wear over tights so I'll go a bit shorter than knee length, maybe with a deep hem if I have enough fabric so I can turn it down in the summer. 

                (source)                                                                                    Hobbs

This Hobbs version is pretty gorgeous too, I love the waist ties, lets see how far that 2m stretches.

Fabric Stash: Double duvet baby blue gingham

This piece is a lovely old duvet that my auntie gave me last year. It used to be my cousins, I love that it'll have a bit of sentimental value. The cotton is so soft and considering it's been well used for many years it's in top notch condition. I'm going in for a Simplicity 2588 like this one. Also just like this ModCloth dress...

I love how this opens up the potential for different directions of print, very cute.

Fabric Stash: 2.5m black and white check
2 different sizes

Oh it would appear I have a gingham obsession! 

I spied someone wearing this dress from Joy last year and l
loved it. It's made to look like a skirt and top but is joined underneath. I'm not sure that's something I'll try to emulate, the bit I love is the use of two different sizes of print. I'm thinking of using Dixie's Bonnell dress without the cut outs. This will be more of a summer dress but I might just make it up soon just to get the stash out of the way, it'll be nice to have a new summer dress ready and waiting.

Fabric Stash: 2m Mustard polka dot 'crepe'

I say 'crepe' as I don't really think it is. That's what it was sold as but it's more just a shiny viscose, like a lining fabric. I'll learn my lesson about internet fabric shopping this year too. It's the type of fabric that I just know will be a bit of a nightmare to work with and probably be a bit sweaty to wear if it's a top of any kind. I might just put this back in the stash to use as an actual lining, maybe for a new blazer?

Fabric Stash: 1m Navy stripe jersey

This ones easy, I'm making a vest and pants set. I love wearing these sets to bed. I already have the FOE so I just need to spare hour or so and I'll be away!

Fabric Stash: 1m Bird print viscose

Really not sure what to do with this one, the colour is a bit off. I love the bright orange birds but the grey background is a bit meh.....any ideas??

Fabric Stash: 1m Denim

This is left overs from my denim dress. I'm not really sure what to do with this one either, would I wear a denim top? what would you wear it with?? Denim Sorbetto??


  1. I totally love that Hobbs dress! I have a similar pattern so maybe I'll give it a go :)

  2. Great plans, think you may have a gingham obsession though!!! Going to go and look through my stash now and see if I can get similarly inspired.

    1. I think I do Louise! But that's ok, at least I know I'll get wear out of it all :)

  3. Nice plans! I'm trying to come up with nine items to make this year from my stash, and it's quite tricky. I forgot I had pinterest boards full of inspiration, so I should really check on there!

    1. I always forget to look through the pins I already have rather than constantly searching for new ones, when you do it's nice to come across some gems lurking form last year :)