Monday, 9 May 2016

Me Made May 16 Make #1....

As per pledge, this is my first make for the month. I've had a meter of this lovely swan print viscose in my stash for a while from Fabric Land and this weekend was the time to use it up. In need a few new tops for my wardrobe I went for the good old Colette Sorbetto. 
Such a great pattern for beginners but then a little looked over once you get into your sewing stride I feel. However, this is a really good summer staple, I've got a few of my first ones still on rotation. 

For this version I thought I'd go a little bit further and make my own bias binding for the neckline and sleeves. I bought a clover binding tool and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test it out. I used this tutorial and after a few head scratchy moments it wasn't too herd to decipher. The only problem I really had was cutting the original strips to the right width for the tool, I can't find the instruction paper that came with it so I'm not sure what exact width to use.

It ended up all going through fine but it wasn't until I used it that I realised it had sort of crumpled up in the middle in order for it to fit through, although I'm also not sure if that might have been due to the fabric? I might have to give this some practice with some nice crisp cotton to get the hang of it.

 It was still usable anyway so no love lost and I had made *just* enough.

The Sorbetto has a lovely little pleat detail on the front, for this version I decided to leave the pleat loose at the hem and to repeat the same for the back piece too. This gives it a lovely loose fit. To be honest looking at these photos I'm not sure it makes it the most flattering top but I really like how it feels so I know I'll still wear it loads. 

I'm really not sure what my next make it going to be, I know I originally wanted more tops but now the weathers heating up I know I wont be staying in jeans much...oh the dresses are calling me again!

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  1. It looks great on you! I like that the pleat is loose at the bottom. Should make myself one as well, I als have some black and white viscose in my stash.