Sunday, 8 May 2016

#MMMay16 Days 1-7....

So I managed 3 days into this years me made without remembering to document any of what I was wearing, good one, so this year I'll be taking pics of my outfits when they're all rumpled and worn and just lay them out on my bed, classy hey? Well, whatever, here's what I wore this week!.....

Navy polka dot Sew Over It 1940's tea dress. I made this a couple of years ago now but it's still a favourite, I still really love the shape and the fabric is wearing and washing well, I think this has another winter left in it.

Rosey apple Scout Spring. I'm surprised how long this has lasted considering the fabric really isn't that great but pleasingly it's still one of my easiest dresses to wear and have that lovely balance between pretty and comfy.

I think this might be one of the last outings for my dungaree dress. It's definitely a winter wardrobe staple. 

I really love this denim dress, the fabric is light enough to see me through a few more weeks of Spring and it's really versatile, I think I need to add a couple more denim dresses to my To Make list.

Since altering this top I've got so much more wear out of it. I can actually move my arms! What a revelation!

Another ScoutSpring, which I appear never to have blogged? Well, it's pretty much the same as the rosey apple version, super comfy and easy to wear.

Summers here, SUMMERS HERE! We spent today at the beach, bliss. so I had to dig out this beachy Saltspring from last summer. I got the length of this just right and the print is so cute.

Hopefully the sunshine is going to continue and I'll be able to squeeze more summer dresses into this month (although a quick glance at tomorrows weather forecast doesn't look too promising)

Oh I also stuck to my pledge and got a make in this month too, I'm dashing off to the beach agan now so I'll blog that one tomorrow!

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  1. Such great dresses! I usually stick to separates, but now I feel really motivated to sew a dress asap! Thanks for the inspiration!