Tuesday, 24 May 2016

#MMMay16 Days 15-21....

A little late with my me mades from last week but here we go....

It's this dress again, NFG.

My new swan top got it's second outing too. Sadly, as with most of my viscose makes, the hem has gone a bit straggly after just one wash. I added a rolled hem using the machine foot and obviously didn't do a very good job as some fabric is fraying through it. I think I might need to go over it again or press and fold a bit more of a sturdy hem, maybe even using bias tape to enclose all that edging??

An oldie but still a goodie, this stripey Peony Peplum is really fading so it might be nearing the end of it's wardrobe life, but hey it's had a good one!

I don't think I ever blogged this sleeveless Plantain, I can't find it anywhere anyways. I used some left over stripe jersey and added a floral yoke to the back, It's not perfect (I won't close up the sleeve finishing) but it's wearable and I like it with jeans. 

It was warm enough to get another dress out of the summer storage, this time my chambray Hawthorne/Lilou mash up. This will be on constant rotation now if the weather allows.

Another top nearing the end of it's wardrobe life is this polka Plantain. It's getting a bit bobbly  under the arms, I'm sure I can stretch out a few more wears before I really have to ditch it though.

And ending on another wear of my rosey apply Scoutspring. 

I stuck to my pledge and did get another make in last week too, blog post to come....

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