Sunday, 15 May 2016

#MMMay16 Days 8-14....

Week 2 done! Blimey, time really flies when you're documenting every day. This week was lovely, summer made an early appearance and we managed to get some good beach and sunshine time into our days, it makes me feel so happy. Although it also made me feel that I need to get some summer makes on the go before I miss it. Here's what I wore this week...

I got straight on with wearing my newest make, this sweet swan Sorbetto. 

I know I wore this one last week already but it really is a favourite, luckily I didn't mention anything about no repeats this year :)

This collar Scout tee hasn't been worn for a while. I really like the linen like fabric but it's a bit of a crumpler and probably could do with being ironed, I just really hate to iron. Perhaps I'll think about renewing this top and find something a little more washing machine friendly.

Yey, it was hot enough to get out the bag of summer dresses and this was my first choice. My Dixie Bonnell. This NEVER needs ironing and I love it. I was really pleased with my fabric choice and the fit is really good. Wearing this made me realise I need another of these pronto.

My lovely little gingham Scout. This could do with a couple more inches on the peplum but I'm really pleased with the fit and I managed a really neat neckline on this version.

One of my oldest makes, this pretty Sorbetto is still going strong. I still really love the colours in the print.

This Zeena dress was a bit of a disaster but the adjustments I made to the neckline mean it's wearable for a Sunday spent at home. Another pattern I really should take a second look at as I know it'll be a really good shape and style once I get the fit right.

I also snuck in my second May Make this week, and surprise surprise I deviated away from tops and back to dresses.....

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