Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Flowers for the ballet...

It's been quite a while since I've bored anyone with yet another Dixie Ballet Dress, so it's about time I got back to it before I loose the knack!

My favourite jersey dress pattern made up in the pretty floral stretch from Girl Charlee UK. I was so happy when I first realised they now sold over here and promptly ordered a stack of samples for some winter pieces last year and I'm not sure what happened but I never quite got around to ordering any lengths. Not to worry, I just made up for it and recently received this lovely big package in the post...

Sadly you can't order half meters so I rounded up to 3m for dresses, I hate the thought of cutting it out and realising you don't quite have enough. 

As always this sewed up a treat, no problems along the way. I had some clear elastic in my stash which I used to stabilise the shoulders. I only had wide elastic in my stash and impatiently went ahead and used this for my waist band. It's fine, it just over hangs the allowance on the inside so isn't too pleasing to look at, but who will? I'll make sure I buy the right stuff next time though. 
I didn't add my usual extra inch to the waist and I'm happy with where it falls. I also got my twin needle out for the sleeves and hem. I need to get better at using this. It always stretches the fabric out a little, which goes back with a good steam but I think I might try using my older machine next time where you reduce the presser foot pressure, maybe that would make it move through a bit smoother?

This print is a cotton lycra blend and its super soft. The colours are really bold too. I hasn't been worn yet, due to the decline in our summer time weather but I'm hoping it'll get it's first outing this coming weekend, with a cardi if need be!

I love the skirt shape on this dress, the fabric drapes really well but it's not going to pose any problems in the windy seaside weather (my greatest knicker flashing fear!)

Thanks to Dixie for creating a pattern that will forever make me smile, I am by no means done with this pattern, this ones in my 'Forever' pile :)

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