Friday, 17 June 2016

Me Made May 16 Make #4.....

The last garment from my Me Made May pledge! and even though I'm only just writing about it I promise that, yes, it was made in May. 

This is my favourite May make, for obvious reasons...

We had the pleasure of attending my cousins beautiful wedding in Anglesey on the 1st June so I just had to squeeze in a new dress make, if ever you need an excuse for a new dress it's a wedding invite!

I picked up this fabric for just £6 per meter in Classic Textiles on Goldhawk Road.  A bargain seeing as it's popped up on a few websites lately for around double that. It's a lovely stretch cotton, perfect for cutting and sewing and a delight to wear. I love the colours of the abstract floral print, really nice and bright but not obnoxiously so, well in my opinion. I love the navy back ground. 

I went for a slightly different dress style to my usual. I've had the By Hand London Flora in my stash for a while, and made it up for a bridesmaid commission last year which tempted me to make one for myself. The faux wrap front has been tempting me for ages too.

So variation 1 it was. I did make up a toile for this bodice, as I have learnt that anything V neck is most likely going to need some tweaking of the inevitable front gaping, and I was right. I took out a two inch wedge from either side of the neck line and another 1 inch wedge from the arm hole down to the front dart.
The back didn't need any adjustments, although it looks a little gapy in the pic below, when I'm standing straight with my head up, you know like normal, it's fine. 

I didn't go for the dipped hem skirt. It looks a little too short at the front for me, I like my skirts just on the knee, not above. The pleats are a little lost in this fabric but it's very swishy....(s'cuse mid swish face)

I wore this with a waist sash at the wedding, just to pull it in a little and break up the floral pattern...

I'm really pleased I chose the wrap version, I'm not used to bodices this low cut but it's hardly verging on wardrobe disaster so I think I should branch out a bit more in the neckline department of my wardrobe. 
I'm hoping that this dress has some more summer wear potential in it, worn with my usual trainers I think I can just about get away with this as an every day dress? 

I'll come back to this bodice at some point and I can see myself using the skirt pattern again, maybe in a plain colour to show off those lovely pleats.

That's Betty saying she loves it too :)


  1. So many things I love about this post:
    - how happy you look
    - your beautiful new dress
    - the print. Beautiful colours!
    - Betty getting in on the action and doing her own little fashion show. She is adorable!

    PS you can definitely get away with trainers with your dress! It looks great! x

    1. Thanks so much Ree, what a lovely comment! x

  2. You look gorgeous, love the fabric and your adjustments worked well ;o)