Wednesday, 8 June 2016

#MMMay16 Days 22-31....

Slightly misleading blog post. I have nothing to show you. Zip, zilch, nada.
Life took over and I failed to take any photos of what I was putting on my body each morning. I thought about taking a massive batch of pics in one go but really and truly I cannot be arsed.

I assure you I wore something me made every damn day, yes I stuck to that pledge, I even got 2 more makes in too, those I will post when I get around to it.

I had a week off work and went on a road trip to see lovely friends in Liverpool, then spend the week in Anglesey for a family wedding, which was amazing, and I think we were in the only part of the UK to have blazing sunshine for the whole week. Lots of friends, loads of family, lots of happy news and smiles and sun tans! It was bliss and I had no motivation to blog at all, let alone the wifi to accommodate it so yeah, life happens and it was brilliant :)

Back to sewing soon!

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