Monday, 20 June 2016

Scrap Stash....

I had no real sewing plans this weekend so I thought it about time I tackled an area of my sewing drawers I've been avoiding. My scrap stash...

You know, all of those off cuts and fabric pieces not quite big enough to make something substantial from. Well I tend to keep them all. Because you never  know when you might need a tiny scrap of sequins!

I have one big bag, well I should have just one big bag. Lately it's pulling at the zip seams and spilling out into the whole drawer it's kept in. It makes me feel a bit stressed to have too much fabric going on at any one time. I like to able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. To know that there will be satisfaction in using lots of it up in the very near future. This was not going to happen with the gigantic pile above.

So I set about clearing it out with a couple of rules in mind. Only pieces of a decent size and shape will stay. No long thin triangles. No jagged edged circles. I need to be able to see potential in a decent size. Don't keep fabric that you really can't imagine using like sequins, shiny satin and chiffon. 

Anything of a decent size that I didn't want I've given to the charity shop and all the scrap pieces have gone in a big bag (well, three big bags) and I've popped them into the recycling bin. 

Whist rummaging through that lot I found a pile of pre cut squares obviously intended for a patch blanket, actually thinking about it now they must have been excess from this blanket. I wondered whether to chuck em or start this up again, twitter helped me out and I decided to finish the thing! I came across this old scarf too, which will be perfect for a blanket backing...

So I also managed to bust a bit of the scrap stash in the process. I just have to make sure I get around to stitching this together soon before they get lost in the masses again. 

I now have a much more manageable scrap stash. Look how satisfyingly neat this is!...

I'll now be a bit more tempted to start using it up as I can actually see what nice pieces I have. I want to make sure I don't start adding to much more to it any time soon. 

I'm on the look out for stash busting projects now. I've got a few nieces and nephews so have been inspired by Zoe using the Oliver + S bucket hat pattern for some little summer hats. I don't think I'll need yet another patch blanket keep on looking!


  1. Oh, the Scrap Stash is a nasty little (or not so little) thing... I feel the same way as you and have troubles throwing away any left over scrap of fabric. But I recently felt slightly overwhelmed by the mass and did the same think you just did. I also feel it's steeling space that I could use better in filling it with new, reasonable large pieces of fabric... It's a vicious circle I guess. ;)

  2. I'm full of admiration for your now organised scrap stash! You're right, being able to see what you've got will be so helpful and will hopefully lead to more scraps getting used! I am the same: I find it so hard to throw away potentially useful scraps. I always think I'll use them for pocket bags or something but I never do. Ideas for using up scraps.... Bodice lining of a dress if the scrap is big enough? Tote bags? Cushion covers? Napkins? xx

  3. I decided that I was going to make a postage stamp quilt at one point which was a good excuse to work my way through all of the stash of fabric I'd been keeping. ALl those little scraps which I didnt' want to throw away but had no plans for were cut into strips and if they weren't used for that they were chucked out. Much better. I now have to order some quilt backing and figure out binding but then it will be done.