Friday, 29 July 2016

Thoughts on maternity makes...

I must admit that when we found out I was pregnant one of the first things (well after the important things) I started to think about was "what the f am I going to wear?!"

Although I did think I'd be a lot bigger much earlier, I don't know why, I suppose pregnant=huge stomach. When in fact the growing belly has been quite slow really, which is nice! I'm just having to put away all of my 'normal' clothes now, so my wardrobe is starting to look a little empty and sad.

Ok, well it sort of looks full enough here but a third of that is dresses that are only beach worthy so I'm lacking any day to day clothes when the weather isn't tropical, and is it ever? and look at all of those empty lonely hangers, they want to be well dressed too!

I'm just not that into many of the maternity clothing out there. I've been Pinteresting away but the majority of outfit ideas that pop up include quite form fitting outfits, body con type dresses, which are not my style at all, I wouldn't wear a pencil skirt usually so I definitely won't be wanting to wear one in the near future.

Lovely, but NO, not me.

Sewing patterns for pieces to make yourself seem to swing from these tight fitting garments to really baggy, super mumsy, items..I don't want to wear those either! There's a few nice Washi dresses out there in blog land but it's just not my style and I can't make myself want to wear it. 

I have struggled to find many ideas which suit my style at all, can I not still wear the dresses I like?! I can't find one maternity dress pattern that appeals. So I think I'll be sticking with all of the patterns I already have and adapting where necessary. A tweak of the waist line and a longer front skirt should do it?

I've already blogged about the Colette Wren. I think this pattern will be a great one to get through the later stages of pregnancy and hopefully a few months after too.
I've bought some new stretch fabric to make a new version of this for autumn/winter. I feel like it's going to continue to fit nicely and the wrap front will work well for nursing (I think?!) I might try to raise the waist line a little so it's a bit more empire for when my belly really does get bigger. I can't find any posts or images where someone else has tried out this pattern for maternity wear but it works in my head so I'll give it a go.

I thought about just using the Deer and Doe Plantain pattern for a few t shirts but actually think I'm going to want something that fits a bit nicer around the bottom of my belly so I have gone ahead and purchased one maternity pattern, the Megan Nielson Cara T Shirt. I've made up a first version and the belly part is baggy at the mo so it'll hopefully be good for in a couple of months time. I'll want to try and still wear my jeans (with an expander, or hairband as I have been using works!) so i'm going to need a few new tops that stretch over the expanse of tummy. 

Oh talking of tops, with perfect timing Zoe just released her new maternity pattern, the Cordelia camisole. I've made numerous versions of her pants and vest pattern, a new set just last week actually so this will definitely be on my list.

I've contemplated a couple of skirts, especially if dresses don't really work out for me. I'm thinking elasticated waist (of course!) but need to have a think about proportions. I don't want any tents! and I suppose I'll need to think about making the front longer than the back to accommodate the tum?? No idea, it'll definitely be a time of trial and error!

Also jumping forward a few months, I've been thinking about whats going to be suitable once the bub is here. Initial thoughts go to Megan Nielson Darling Ranges or the Deer and Doe Sereau-any thoughts on these two or indeed any patterns I need to check out that I haven't stumbled across yet? I'm dying to hear from anyone that has some maternity clothing advice!


  1. Congratulations! Wrap dresses and tops were a godsend as you can add ruching to the side to help contain your growing bump. I bought a lot of my maternity wear rather than make it (I was in it from four months as bump was large) and I liked jersey dresses with leggings as well as wrap dresses and tops. I made an Alder shirt dress recently for breastfeeding and that's been great though I imagine it would have been good during early/mid pregnancy as well if I made it a size bigger. Good luck :)

    1. Ooh the Alder, thats great idea, I suppose anythign with buttons at the front is going to work?!

    2. Sew over it Doris was great as well - I made the buttons functional and built more ease into the waist. M6696 (shirt dress) was also great - anything with buttons was great for breastfeeding and pregnancy up until about 7 months at which point my bump got huge and only stretchy stuff was good!!

    3. Thanks Shelley, I like the look of the Doris so will have a look into that one :)

  2. Congratulations on the bump! I made lots of Cara Shirts and they were great. When my son was here, I actually ripped up the side seams, straightened the hem and sewn it back up and wore the shirts a while longer. For feeding I thought about using a pattern with a cross-over top (I think it's also from Megan Nielsen) but that was too much work for a style I wouldn't wear that long (I guess I was just lazy at the end of the pregnancy). I had a couple of camisoles with build-in support and breastfeeding clips at the straps so whenever I had to feed him outside I put that on. And I guess you could use Zoe's pattern for that. I also tried Mordue from Aime Comme Marie as that's a shirt I also wear when I don't feed and it worked out well.
    Good luck with figuring out your wardrobe!
    Best - Johanna

    1. That's a great idea for the Cara t shirts, I hate to only be able to use garments I've made a for a few months so it would be great to prolong their wardrobe life!

      Thanks Johanna :)