Monday, 18 July 2016

Wren with spots......and a bump.....

Another lovely bit of fabric from my Girl Charlee haul. This polka dot cotton spandex mix has such a lovely drape and I love that the spots aren't printed onto the fabric so they don't split when it's stretched.

I picked up the Colette Wren pattern when they had a 20% off promo going on. I've only used the Dixie ballet dress pattern for stretch (and definitely have my fair share of those in the wardrobe) so thought it about time I gave something else a go. 

I'm not fond of full wrap stretch dresses. I don't like the way the skirts are so fitted and they feel a little bit too grown up if that makes sense?! 
The cross front and gathered skirt of the Wren really appealed to me. This will be a great pattern for summer and winter too as it comes with sleeve length options and obviously you can adjust the skirt length accordingly.

The back neckline is pretty, you fold and stitch rather than adding any sort of neck binding so you get a nice scoop shape.

My first needed to be summer suitable and the skirt length is perfect,it hits just on the knee, although it's a bit fuller than it seems and because the fabric isn't too weighty it certainly had a good waft about in the wind, you have to hold it down a bit to prevent the nightmare that is bum flashing! I might use a smaller skirt size next time so there's not so much fabric to catch the breeze! Or maybe I could sew something into the hem to weigh it down a bit? Has anyone ever done that with knit fabric?

The neckline is definitely a departure from my usual style although I'm starting to like a good V neck. The bodice is really flattering, I like the neckline bands, they'd be a good way to mix it up for a colour block version, like Mary did here
The pattern comes together really easily. I used a zig zag stitch throughout and my twin needle for the hems. The pattern doesn't call for it but I also used some clear elastic to stabilise the shoulders.

I didn't bother toiling this, but I don't think I'd make any alterations to the fit. It's quite generous but that's actually going to be quite useful because......

There it is, the bump I refer to in the post title, that's baby M growing away in there! Eeek!
Seeing as I'll be expanding in the waistline area in the very near future this dress should hopefully see me through for a few months yet. I'm thinking this will hopefully be a good dress for the year to come too (apparently I'll need easy access and all that) so I'll try to sew up a couple of winter versions soon. it's only just got hot and I'm thinking about winter?! I'm going to stop that right now and get out into the sunshine...hope you're all enjoying the fact that summer has arrived!


  1. Oh my gosh Zoe, congratulations!!!!!! What wonderful news!!! All the very best with your pregnancy. Also your dress is lovely, I'm like you I don't like how fitted full wrap skirts are (especially cause they cling to all my lumps!!). This dress is gorgeous and the neckline really suits you. xxx

    1. Thanks so much Ree!

      That's exactly what I don't like about those skirts, far too clingy!

  2. Congratulations Zoe! Hope you're feeling well! Lovely dress - really suits you and I love the fabric. ☺