Monday, 22 August 2016

Seersucker Saltspring.....

Bore fest, it's yet another Saltspring to add to my collection. Sorry!

I just can't resist, it's so perfect for summer at the beach and seeing as we're in the midst of an actual summer how could I not?!

Firstly the fabric; I nabbed this from someones stash bust box at work. It's multi check seersucker and seems to have been in a stash at Boden at some point.

Sadly the colour ran a little when I washed it so it now has a bit of a pink hue where it should be white but no biggy, it's still pretty, must remember to always add a colour catcher! The cotton is a really nice weight and really soft. I must say I'm loving the texture of seersucker too.

I think it verges on picnic blanket fabric so I knew I needed to be careful with the style of dress I chose, I thought a strappy sun dress would be the best, so out came the Sewaholic Saltspring.....

I had about 3 meters of this cotton which is more than enough for this pattern. I feel pretty confident with this TNT pattern now and managed to get thorough this from cutting out to trying on in under 2 hours which was very satisfying. 

I stuck with a no zip version, I just can't see why you'd need it. The bodice is self lined and I omitted the pockets. This dress is solely to throw on after work for the beach-the least faff the better. (Although on reflection...ALWAYS keep the pockets, I clearly wasn't thinking about where my ice cream money would go)

I thought I'd pattern matched but it would seem not! oh well the stripes match up just not in the right colour order.

I kept the true length of the skirt as it's pretty spot on the knee. I didn't add anything at the front for the growing bump but I doubt I'll get to wear this too many times in the coming months, so that won't matter.

I wouldn't class this as a particular "maternity make" but it's definitely maternity friendly. The elastic waist sits nicely and it;'s roomy enough to be very comfy. I suppose if you were having a spring/summer baby this would be/could be nursing friendly too what with the different strap variations you could add.

I stuck with ties, just a little shorter than usual.

Another Saltspring success. I still wear all of the versions I made last year, I think it's down to the shape and comfort of the dress especially on hot days when you don't want a whole bodice and zip situation making you feel a bit claustrophobic. I also really enjoy getting to know a pattern well and actually getting a lot of use out of it. I haven't seen many of these around blogland of late, have you tried to sew up a Saltspring I can have a nose at?


  1. This is lovely and oh so summery! I've not tried a Saltspring but am tempted to now..