Thursday, 15 September 2016

Crazy cat baby....

I was on a fabric buying ban when I, ahem, bought this fabric. Husband reminded me of that fact, 'But has cats on!' was my VALID response, 'aaaaannd it was only a couple of quid per meter from Regency Rags!' .....NFG.

I bought this jersey specifically for another project (soon to be blogged) but as I bought 2 meters I had more than enough to reel off another a few bits. I've been pinning away quite a few baby bits, although I am actually reluctant to tackle many of them. I just don't want to put in loads of effort for things to then be sicked up on and outgrown within a few weeks, fair enough I think. But there are a couple of bits that seem to be minimal effort and this is one of them.

I used this pattern and tutorial from Toddah. The sizes range from 6 months to 2 years, so there'll be life in this pattern. I actually decided to make up 3 sizes as the first pair were so quick and easy. I've gone with 6m, 9m and 18m which were actually a present for a friends cute little girl.

Obviously I won't be using these for a while, unless I have a giant baby (please don't be giant!) but I'm not sure about where sewing will fit into the next 6 months or so of my life so thought I'd get going with all of the lovely free time I play around with. I mean I'm sure I'll make time but honestly I sometimes think I'm never going to see daylight again once spud arrives if I were to believe everything some people told me. But my rational mind tells me that everyone does still manage to have a life of sorts at some point, I feel sure that the sewing machine will feature again one day :)

These sewed up well with a zigzag stitch (just excuse the few skipped stitches, I must remember to buy some fresh needles) I even remembered to add a label (well to one pair anyway) and then, on a cat baby roll, I printed off this pattern and tutorial and just LOOK HOW CUTE!.....

has cat EARS....

I wondered if I'd be able to get away with wearing matching leggings and hat but a general consensus brought back a firm NO on that one. Shame. I'll come back soon with what I did make though, safe to say I love it already.


  1. Very cute. I have made those leggings as well and find they run small so your babe might be wearing them sooner than you think. Leggings are quick and totally worth making and you can pass them along. Sewing time is a bit of a roll of the dice as it depends on your baby. Some of my friends sewed during naps in the first months. My daughter was colicky and I was lucky to brush my teeth. Either way it's temporary and you will get back to sewing in time. Enjoy the ride.

  2. Thanks Renee, oh that's good to know, I wont have to wait too long to get use out of them :)