Thursday, 22 September 2016

Maternity Makes #3..The Trousers...

No, I'm not trying to fob off an old make. Yes, you have seen these pics before. This is more of a refashion I suppose. Mostly out of desperation but it's a sewing move I'm glad I made.
So these are my Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers from last summer. 

I've really enjoyed wearing them, the only niggle was the waistband facing didn't fit perfectly (I wasn't quite sure how to adjust it once I'd made changes to the waist of the actual trousers so it didn't sit perfectly, but wearable none the less) 

So I'd been happily wearing my own jeans for a few months into being pregnant, I even went a month with a waistband extender as the bump grew. Now I say 'waistband extender' and it sounds like a legitimate thing, what I should have said was HAIRBAND. Loop it through the button hole and round the top button and you are good to go lady! Well, good to go until you really can't get away with it any more. That was when I had to admit defeat and get myself some actual maternity jeans. Unfortunately much easier said than done. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, most maternity clothing is just awful. Why you can't get your hands on every day garments that have been adjusted for your growing tum is beyond me. Everything is much poorer quality, very off shapes-do they even try these clothes onto pregnant women?! and I just don't like about 80% of any of it. Same goes for maternity jeans. I tried ASOS, M&S, H&M and then had a hissy fit and gave up. I just couldn't find a pair that fit well or felt nice, that's where these me made trousers and a pair of scissors came into play.

I really just wanted my own jeans with an added stretchy front part to accommodate said bump. So I tried on my denim trousers and marked either side of my tum and the bottom of the bump with pins (careful!) Then chalked a rough curve from either side to the centre.

Then I held my breath and went for it with the scissors. Eeep, no going back!

I forgot to take pics form this point on but basically I used a bit of black jersey from my stash. Pinned it right sides together around the edge of that curve and sewed it together. Folded the jersey up towards the waist band, stitched the sides and along the bottom again for strength. Added a piece of elastic across the front and secured either side to the denim waistband. Folded the top over to make a waistband casing for the elastic and that was that.

I have been wearing these loads and they seem to have enough stretch that should last the next few months too.

I imagine these will be pretty comfy to wear for a couple of months postpartum too and then I'll have to say goodbye as I don't think I'll be able to refashion them back! But I need to sort out that facing problem anyway so it'll force me to make a new pair. 

Know of any other maternity refashions that would be useful?


  1. I think Megan Nielsen has a maternity clothing website she curates.... I remember shopping with one of my pregnant friends a few years ago and being horrified by the price and quality of maternity clothing. Such a manipulative rip!

  2. I agree with you - maternity clothing in the shops is awful! If you look online there's a Tilly Agnes maternity hack that looks good and on the Guthrie Ghani website there are some good ideas :) JoJo Maman was one of the best places I found but they're really pricy. Good luck, Shelley x