Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Maternity Makes #6.....The Vest...

I think I've done pretty well so far at keeping myself in clothes that actually fit, and more importantly that I've actually wanted to wear, over the past couple of months. I'm please with my maternity makes and even more pleased that I've managed to fill the gaps in my wardrobe myself (useless, USELESS highstreet)

One outfit that I do love to wear, usually when I get home from work or lounging around at home, is my 'comfies'. These consist of leggings or baggy joggers, or to be more honest PJ bottoms and vest tops.....not the most attractive but the most appealing right now. 

You'll have noticed I've bashed out quite a few of these pants and vest sets over the past year or so and raved about how great the pattern by the ever wonderful Zoe at So Zo Blog is. Well she's only gone and done it again, and made sure I can stay wearing my fav comfies well into full term huge bump time her new pattern, the Cordelia Maternity Camisole

This is essentially the same vest top as the regular sized version but with added waist gathers to accommodate said bump, an internal boobage support and hem band; all necessary for dressing third trimester bump carriers!

Zoe has been super kind in sending me the pattern, thank you again Zoe!

I bought some fabric for this project straight away, its the fabulous cat face printed stretch from Regency Rags which I talked about here (and made those crazy cat baby leggings from too) It has a really lovely weight to it and is nice and soft, the print speaks for itself :)

The sizing guide is for your third trimester measurements so I had to guess a little bit as I made this in advance but you can't go too wrong when it's a stretch garment anyways. 
The instructions Zoe provides are super detailed and fantastic for anyone who is new to working with fold over elastic or stretch not be afraid!

This project comes together ever so quickly so is a very satisfying make and thankfully you don't have to spend ages at the machine which is great when your back is not up to it!

I love the hem band. It holds the top in place and ensures no peeking bump, I seem to constantly be tugging my tops down at the mo. I think this would work well added to my Cara top, just to make it feel a bit more secure at the hem.

I used some black FOE from ebay and a three step zig zag to maintain the stretch. You don't need an overlocker for this project at all, just set up your zig zags and your ball point needle and you're away.

I'll be living in this over the next few weeks, and then probably trying to find ways to sneak it back into my wardrobe so I can 'accidentally' match with these...

Too much?!