Friday, 6 January 2017

Spotty dress nursing hack......

Happy New Year!!

Christmas, birthday and New Years eve all passed me by in a bit of a blur this time around. It was all lovely but I don't feel like I really engaged with any of it, seems you spend quite a lot of time looking after a new born....who knew?!

I definitely haven't got back to sewing yet but I do have a couple of things that I haven't yet blogged but made up last year. So first item up is this spotty dress....

I managed to plan ahead a bit during my maternity leave and make a few items which I hoped would see me through at least the first few months of being a new mum. I made up this dress after seeing a few in this style on a few clothing websites but not being able to find any vaguely nice colours or prints.

It's based on the Dixie Ballet dress for the bodice with a simple gathered skirt, but it holds a secret......

Boobs! Well, easy access to boobs anyways, perfect for nursing mums! I didn't take any photos of the process of making this up (not helpful) but basically I traced off the bodice pattern peice and then sliced it into three pieces down either side of the neckline giving a middle part and two sides and added a bit of seam allowance.  I treated the two bodice parts as one at the neck and arm holes but only attached the under bodice to the skirt at the waist. I added a bit more length to the outer bodice so this could be hemmed and left loose over the top....does that all make sense?! My brain isn't quite what it used to be yet so I wouldn't be surprised if I typed a load of gobbledegook! Hopefully it does! Anyways, it turned out ok and I can confirm it works great! I wish I'd actually taken the time to make another but hey ho, one will have to do for now!

The fabric is another lovely piece from Girl Charlee, it's super soft cotton lycra. The only gripe is that because of the double bodice it does take ages to dry this after a wash, so maybe this would work well in a ponte, which seems to dry pretty quickly.

Now me is thanking past me for being so organised, I've got very few things to wear at the mo so remembering I had this in my wardrobe was a right treat!


  1. Ah this is great! Your description of how you did the nursing hack makes perfect sense, and I have a feeling I will be coming back to it in a few months. I'm really impressed with how prepared you were making this on maternity leave! I haven't sewn myself ANY clothes since being pregnant, but now I'm not throwing up all the time and have some energy back I definitely need to get a move on and sew some maternity and nursing staples. You're right, once baby is here I'm sure there is no time for sewing. Hope all is going well, you look really well! xxxxx

  2. brilliant! love the fabric you picked too ;o)