Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Yes it's another of the same but nfg on this one, this pattern is way to perfect for life at the mo. I knew I'd be after some comfort clothes this winter but I also knew that I'd want to make more of an effort than wearing my actual pyjamas out of the house....sometimes.
The Colette Wren was great for pregnancy and I can now confirm it's also a perfect make for postpartum comfort and nursing.

So, firstly, my fabric. I've used ponte before but to be honest, pretty cheap ponte and I just found it quite sweaty and static so I wanted to see if price really does make a difference. I found a gorgeous range of winter colours on the Fabric Godmother website. However I was a bit reserved about how well this farbic would be for a stretch dress. I've only used jersey in the past which has a really good stretch to it and I know that ponte is a bit stiffer but a little tweet later and I was assured this would be a perfect pattern/fabric match. 

Firstly this fabric is an absolute dream to sew. It made me love my twin needle again! 
although this fabric has stretch, it's stiff enough to run through the machine just like a cotton.

Having already made a couple of Wrens, this one came together really quickly. I did make one massive mistake....I got carried away and forgot to pre wash my fabric! DOH! can confirm it actually didn't make a difference, no shrinkage on this fabric equals massive thumbs up :)

The fabric is quite dense which made gathering a little tricky on the skirt but overall it's worked well. It doesn't have a huge amount of stretch so the front isn't as easily, erm accessible shall we say?! but it still works well enough. So although this ponte is great for this dress it probably isn't the best for the stretch it needs to make it nursing friendly.

Couldn't resist having the little spud in these pics too, he's clearly not interested in being photographed though.

I kept the bodice the right length for this version rather than shortening it like I did last time to give a bit of space for the bump. This fabric really hangs lovely in the skirt, it's got a decent bit of weight to it and it washes really well. I might start to prefer this over cotton jersey....

Oh little squidge chin!

I really like this version and it will get a lot of wear over the next few months. 

I'm starting to itch for a bit of sewing time, still no idea how I would fit that in any time soon but I might start to plan a next make and take the actual "putting it together" part nice and slow, who knows I could have a new dress by around April?!


  1. Just lovely! It looks great in ponte too. I've ordered some lovely red jersey to make my first Wren - hope it turns out as well as yours! Also you look great and of course Teddy looks AMAZING! What a poppet. xxx

    1. ooh red, that'll be lovely...can't wait to see! xx

  2. I made a lady skater dress in a similar ponte and I wear it so much - This looks great and nice to see the little cutie!

    1. It's a nice change to jersey hey? A new favourite :)

  3. Very chic! I love ponte but only ever purchase if it has a substantial viscose composition as the poly is too sweaty and pills too easily.

    1. Good tip! The sweaty stuff is horrible!