Monday, 26 June 2017


Two months later......we have a dress!
Yep, this took me forever but it's finished and I'm wearing it so still winning :)

I got started on this back in May, cut out all of the pattern pieces, well those for the bodice and lining and then realised the fabric was no where near wide enough to fit a Flora skirt onto so left that for a few weeks. Over those weeks I slowly pieced the bodice together.

I had no intention of fitting this along the way, I cut out the pattern to my measurements and just hoped it would fit at the end. 
During that time I also decided to add a simple gathered skirt, I actually used the skirt from the Bonnell dress as it is slightly more shaped than a gathered rectangle of fabric.

Finished fits! Well it does but weirdly it came out quite big in the waist. This fabric does have a bit of stretch, it could do with a couple of inches taken out but not for this version, it's fine as is and actually feels quite comfy like that for now.

I hemmed the skirt with some bias binding to keep as much length as possible and I'm really happy with that but I really should have bothered with pockets....ALWAYS ADD THE POCKETS ZOE!! Where the hell am I meant to stash my phone, lip gloss and emergency dummy now??!!

Other than being a bit on the big side, I like the bodice. I'd maybe make the straps a bit narrower as they look a little clunky.

You can see the waist is way too big here, it's a bit smock like. Maybe I should wear it with a belt?

Here you can see my absolute disregard for any pattern matching. I didn't have enough fabric and I didn't really care for this version, wearable muslin it is!

Overall I'm happy with this, I have a new dress to wear, managed to get my sewing mojo back and have used up some stash...all good. 

Now I need to apply myself a little more for my wedding guest dress, and soon as I now only have one month to get that done...and I'm still to actually decide what to make......wish me luck!

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