Thursday, 12 April 2018

Sewing for the small: More of the same...


Well this was inevitable...more cuff pants for the little. Don't worry I won't post another 10+ blog updates about these this yea,r although I'm quite sure they will be a new pair at least once a month. 

Both of these fabrics were picked up from eBay. I couldn't resist the little monsters and I picked the yellow as I had some matching rib in my stash for the cuffs. It's got the softest fleece back which makes it perfect for this time of year, they're still nice and cosy for little legs now the foot muff has come off the pushchair.

Both whipped up in an evening. I am now aware that I could do with buying some more appropriate pattern weights....

At the moment I can easily make two pairs out of half a meter of fabric, I'm hoping he doesn't grow upwards too quickly now, although once I start having to buy a whole meter I suppose I'll be able to get something out of it for me too....or maybe I will have branched out to making a matching sweatshirt for him by then? 

There's so many cute patterns on the Brindille & Twig site, loving this simple sweatshirt and wouldn't mind this flutter sleeve top for myself actually.

Any more children's patterns I could be checking out? would appreciate recommendations!

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  1. So though I just purchased these patterns, I haven't made any yet I love the idea of them lasting longer! She will also send a free 0-12 month pattern if you sign up for the newsletter. My little guy is growing ahead of schedule, so i purchased for the larger sizes.