Wednesday, 11 July 2018

June: Saltspring of sorts.....

2018 Make 6

Need: (After having a clear out*) A summer dress to throw on for the beach!

Pattern: Sewaholic Saltspring. Although after quite a bit of tweaking over the years, my version is now quite different to the original. No back split, no zip, self lined bodice and modified shoulder straps.

This pattern was so easy to alter and it's made a much more wearable item for me. Very casual and comfy and very versatile. I got rid of 3 of these, they really needed to go, they were all tatty and suncream stained, but that also means top of the list for replacing.

Fabric: Very cheap viscose from Fabric Land. I love the pattern and wanted a quick fix....this was it. Easy to sew, I made sure to use french seams and a wide hem to make sure all frayable (not even a word) edges were well hidden. I also used some iron on interfacing in the shoulder straps to reinforce the seams as I poked them right side out with a chopstick! Worked a treat :)

Just the 3/4 inch elastic for the waistband

Thoughts: Already worn and already love. I probably would prefer the skirt to be about an inch longer, I forgot to add some extra when cutting out to accommodate the need for a slightly deeper hem. I'm sure there will be another of these before the summers out. 

*So documenting my MMMay challenge went out the window after just one post BUT I did complete it. i just couldn't find the will power to write about it. Trust me that plenty of dresses went into the recycling, a few are on the mending/altering pile and the others are now in rotation but it also means I have a few gaps where new ones are needed....what a shame :)
Next year I'm sticking to Instagram.