Thursday, 19 July 2018

Sewing for the small: Sunshine shorts....

I managed to move myself away from the plethora of the cuff pants (there's been more as I'm sure you can imagine) as I found this very cute pattern for some little cotton shorts. 

By Oliver & S, these are their Sunny Day Shorts which are free to download and are available from 6m all the way up to 12 years (clearly I'll be stringing this pattern out for  literally YEARS to come)

As everyone in the UK will be well aware of it's been blimin' boiling for weeks, if not months, now and isn't really showing any signs of going away, YIPEE!!, so we're having a right old summer. Little Teddy was very much in need of some shorts, especially for nursery as all the water play see's him through at least two outfits a day. 

This pattern is great. I started off with the 12-18m which do fit fine but did look a tiny bit restrictive with all of his clambering around so I sized up to 18-24m....also then realised he is indeed 19 months old........I mean HOW?! anyways....

You know me, see pattern, try pattern, like pattern, make it a million times, so yeah, he already has four pairs with a few more cut out waiting for me to go buy some more elastic.

They really are great, I was tentative about using woven fabric for little clothes as I just want him to be as comfy as possible and not restricted in any way but the cut of these gives enough bum room for a nappy and he's had no trouble getting around in them. 

They are great for stash busting and I love how many great printsI can use-which is usually a cost issue with jersey fabric but cotton is so cheap, especially when it's off cuts you've been using...I'll really try not to twin too much with my dresses :)


  1. These are great! I love the sunny day shorts for pj shorts too! I replace the woven waistband with ribknit cut to the same length as the elastic, and then just serge that to the waist of the shorts. When I make a batch of a given size, I use all the same color ribknit. That way, when I'm sorting laundry I can easily assign them to the right kiddo (I have 4).

    1. Ah thats such a great idea! I'll bank that for next year :)