Friday, 10 August 2018

August: Saltspring top.....

2018 Make 8

Need:Want! Definitely not a need, I wanted to have a go at making my beloved Saltspring dress into a breezy top. 
I've seen a lot of Ogden cami tops on Instagram/on blogs lately. I love the style but am not buying any more patterns-I knew I could use the saltspring as a base to produce something similar. 

Pattern: Based on the Sewaholic Saltspring. Added a half lining, extended the bodice and added split seams. 
I wanted something quite long line and had seen a top similar to this ages ago (probably on Pinterest) where the back piece is much longer.

Fabric: Some more black viscose, just picked up from Fabric Land. Nice and cheap, nice and floaty and easy to use.

Notions: Just a bit of iron on interfacing used to strengthen the shoulder straps

Thoughts: I like this and will probably make a couple more next year, I might shorten the back piece slightly but I like it for this version, I love how it comes down over your bum! 

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