Wednesday, 27 January 2016

2016 Destash #1 .......

Not my first make of the year but the first I've taken any pics of so it'll do!
I made a little dent in my stash pile! yey! 
I used up some of the black and white gingham but not quite in any way I had planned. The thing is, I had planned to make a dress with this that I probably wouldn't be able to wear until late Spring at least and I'm going to get bored of waiting so in comes lovely little top I can wear right away!

It's yet another Scout Tee but this time with an added gathered peplum, just for a bit of interest. 
The fabric is gingham cotton from Ditto, I love the quality of this fabric, so smooth and easy to sew and press.

For the peplum I just chopped about 5 inches off the bottom of the shirt back and front bodice pieces and cut a long strip that width (plus seam allowances) to add back on at the end. I didn't want this to be over gathered so I measure the width of the top and added another 5 inches or so. This gives the peplum just enough excess to be noticeable but not too much that it's like having a tutu attached to the bottom of your top.

I took my time with the neck binding, an area I always find a little tricky on the Scout because it get's so small and fiddly and I ALWAYS burn my fingers a bit on the heat from the iron seeping through the board, worth it for a neat finish though!

Not much more to say about this top that I haven't done so on my million other scouts I've worn this already and it'll be a favourite until it's worn out I'm sure. 

Oh, I also remembered to use my new Nominette labels and they look so cute! 

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  1. Cute labels. Well done for using up from your stash I need to be better at this. Great top, the monochrome looks good.