Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Me Made May 16 Make #2.....

Shocker! I went off top making piste and opted for a new dress!

My second May make is this rather lovely (in my opinion) Gingham Bonnell dress. 
This was on my list of things I must make again, so there's a big tick. This was also part of my stash busting plans, so another big tick. Things are looking good :)

This idea was based around thhis dress I saw on Pinterest from Joy. I love the mix of checks, but wasn't overly keen on the loose top part of the dress. I mean it's fine but I prefer, and it suits my figure more, for a waist to be fitted. 

Dixie's Bonnell was my first choice for this dress, without the tickle holes this time. I love the shape and fit of the bodice, the waistband and skirt with just enough gathers to still be flattering around the middle. I made all the adjustments I needed to my first pattern testing version so this was really quick to put together and I knew the fit would be good.

I used a very pretty exposed lace zip from Berylune. I think I need to stock up on these again actually, they make such a nice feature. I made once change which was to lower the pockets a few inches, their just slightly too high on my first version and it bugs me every time I wear it. 

Seems I've made this just in time to be able to think about going bare legged at work? Or do I wait just a few more weeks? Nah, I'll risk it. I'm so please with this, it ticked a lot of boxes and satisfies my recent gingham obsession. 
Look how happy (insane) I am about it all!

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  1. Yay! What a great dress. It looks gorgeous! Best of all you look so happy in the last pic! Also really admiring your hair do and wishing I could do french plaits on my own head. x