Saturday, 12 May 2018

MMMay18: Tops....

I'm starting off my sort out pledge with my me made tops.

Getting them all out the first thing I notice is how few I actually have. My me mades really have dwindled over the past year or so, I remember getting rid of a few when I put away my summer clothes last winter (can we say winter has finally gone now? please!) So these are it and this is how I've decided to sort them....


I didn't realise how old this top was, made back in 2014, minus the original collar it's lasted pretty well. Still a firm favourite, I'll wear this one until it literally starts falling apart.


Another make from way back in the day, however this one has sadly hardly been worn at all. I'm not quite sure why so I intend to get this into my wardrobe and get it worn this weekend.

This one has already gone through the adjustments needed to make it wearable, it's a good one for spring and always a gets worn, keeper.

The oldest so far, this one is right back from 2013 and still looks new. I've worn this every year and still love the print.


I really like this top but, a problem I keep coming across, the armscye is just too high and digs into my arm pit. I'm thinking of just chopping off the sleeves and making it more of a summer top, a bit more Sorbetto-ish.

Another super old Sorbetto, again this needs the arm holes lowering. Am going to remove the binding chop out around and inch and rebind.

I honestly didn't realise how many Sorbetto's I have. This one has frayed around the neck and arms, basically from poorly attached self binding. Going to try and find some shop binding to match the really dark blue.


Sleeveless Plantain

Forgot about this top, I really like the floral panel on the back but it's looking a bit tired. A little bit bobbly around the arms and the swimsuit elastic is degrading. I'm going to give this a few wears this month as a send off then it's off to the recycling bin.....but I'll make a note to remake one of these.

Plantain T shirt

Same again, just a bit old and tired, off to the bin with you!


So I think I have enough Sorbetto's to keep me going for a while, let's put that pattern to the back of the pile. I'm in need of some jersey tops but I'm tempted to add these to my rtw shopping list for now. I'm not rich on sewing time and if I want to concentrate on my 12 makes then I'm not sure these fit in. Good jersey fabric us also expensive. I would love a couple of new Plantains. Maybe I'll keep this in mind and see what fabric I can pick up this year for possible autumn/winter. 
Since having a sort out I have worn at least three of these tops this month which is pleasing, hopefully after adjusting the others I'll have most of them in rotation for the summer. 

Next up, beloved DRESSES!

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