Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Slow start....

It was over a month ago now that I blogged about starting to sew again, although slowly, well it's going really slowly. So slowly in fact that I haven't done one little thing. 

Friday was a chill day, well as chill as you can when entertaining and caring for a 5 month old all day. Going out is so much easier than staying in these days, but every now and then a harsh night of little sleep means we really do just need to stay in our pjs at home for the day. So I used this opportunity to get out some fabric from the stash and a pretty dress pattern to go with. 

Now at this point they are just sitting on the table BUT they are now in eye view and I know I won't be able to just leave them there not doing anything for very long so this is me finding my sewjo again.

Having not even got as far as choosing some fabric for my wedding guest dress I thought I should get on with making up something else to get me into the swing of things.

I've got out this piece of stretch cotton. I have no idea what it actually is as I picked it up from a bin bag of fabric at work but I think it's probably got about 3% stretch and it has a lovely weight to it.

I've decided it's destined to be a BHL Flora. I made the faux wrap front version last year and really liked it, I actually need to take in those side seams a bit so I can wear it this summer-I gave it quite a bit of ease to accommodate the bump. This time I'm going to try out Version 2 with the high neck and straps but stick with the straight hem skirt. 

Lets see how long this really takes.....

Thursday, 16 March 2017

About time....

Time......I really never knew I had so much of it.
All to myself, to do whatever I wanted and exactly when I wanted to do it. It's a cliche but since having little Ted time literally flies by and pretty much none of it is for me. It's all owned by this little guy now, and thats so, so fine but out of everything I used to do in my oddles of free time I'm really starting to miss my sewing time now.

I last had the sewing machine out in November, thats nearly a full 4 months ago! HOW IS IT THAT LONG?? See time REALLY does fly!

To be honest, I'm not really sure what I would make at the moment. I don't really have anything on the to make list....well of course I do, that list is never empty, but nothing thats really needed or necessary right now. But I'm itching to get involved in a new project.

On a rainy day I probably have about 3 half hour stints where I could fit something in, well prioritise something over giving the bathroom a quick whip round or folding the never ending laundry and thanks to Ted being amazing at bedtime we also have our evenings back so I do have a bit of time I could use there too.

Having a think about what I'd like to start my sewing mojo back up with it just has to be a dress and we have a wedding to go to this July so after a bit of Pinterest oogling I've decided to start that dress now. I know it's ridiculously early but I'm thinking that with the limited time I have this is going to be the slowest project ever so I might as well start now.

I think I might actually enjoy how slow this project will be and I'm going to try and make something a bit more special than usual seeing as I have a good few months to get it finished! 

I'm back off to Pinterest to try and narrow down my ideas then. In the meantime...any top tips for sewing in short bursts or anyone else out there fitting sewing around spending 99% of your time with a little baby? How do you do it?!