Tuesday, 28 April 2020


Yes Zoe! I'm so pleased this is still on this year and I love that it's being promoted in a gentle way. I'm very much up for a distraction, exspecially one to bring me back to sewing. So many things get in the way of this much loved hobby. 

And as such, I don't have that much of a me made wardrobe any more but enough to help me stick to my pledge...

'I, Zoe, of Zoe Made This blog, pledge to wear my handmade garments every weekend in May.'

I can't give up my homebound weekdays to dressing up, it's leggings all day every day over here but I'm hoping giving a bit of thought to my weekend outfits will life the lockdown spirits :)

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Make Nine 2020: THREE

Pattern: Copycat from a 3 year olds hoody......basically just drew around each peice and eyeballed a cm or so for a seam allowance. Sooo professional.

Fabric: So this was on my make 9 list and I fully intended to buy some lovely soft loop back sweatshirt jersey but as we all know it's been a crazy few weeks so I just never got around to it. As it drew closer to Easter I figured this make just wouldn't happen...that was until we had a bit of a clear out and the other half threw a Uniqlo hoody onto the pile. Not only was the colour right but it also had the majority of the component parts neede for this make. I remembered to snap a pic just after I looped the hood off.

Notions: I snipped out the zip, I probably could have adjusted it to fit the new mini hoody but I still had poppers on my mind! (this may continue for some time) I used up the existing cuff ribbing and used up pretty much all of the fabric, sleeve scraps for bunny ears....

Thoughts: Really pleased that I found the opportunity to get this made in time for Easter. I always pledged to dress the small in clothes with ears for as long as possible! It was nice to upcycle some old clothing too. It's definitly not perfect, a few raw edges going on, but it fits and he loves being a bunny so it's a win!