Thursday, 20 December 2018

December: Refashion Ringers....

2018 Make number....???? who even knows any more

Need: A few cosy bits for the small. He seems to be between sizes at the mo so making some bottoms seemed like the best way to get a good fit on those little legs.

Pattern: Of course, the cuff pants are back out, to be forever used until he literally grown out of them aged......I don't know......18?! And also giving the Brindille and Twig Ringer Tee a go. It's free!

Fabric: Both of these makes used up clothes that needed a new lease of life from mum and dads wardrobes. I used nearly every square cm of both jumpers and was able to squeeze out a top and bottoms from both. This is likely not to happen again seeing as hes very close to going into the next size up so this was very satisfying. For the jumper above I even manged to cut it in a way that incorporated the original neckline. 

Notions: Just some waist elastic for the stripey trousers as the ribbing was far too loose to stay snug. 

Thoughts: Very pleased to have given this fabric a new lease of life and now the small has some festive PJs too. I think I need to give the cuff pants a break from the blog next year, you can assume they will be ever present.
The ringer tee pattern is great. I left the waist band off the stripey version and I think I prefer it. I haven't done much refashioning this year but think it might occur a bit more regularly seeing as my budget for new fabric is relatively non existent. 

Friday, 10 August 2018

August: Saltspring top.....

2018 Make 8

Need:Want! Definitely not a need, I wanted to have a go at making my beloved Saltspring dress into a breezy top. 
I've seen a lot of Ogden cami tops on Instagram/on blogs lately. I love the style but am not buying any more patterns-I knew I could use the saltspring as a base to produce something similar. 

Pattern: Based on the Sewaholic Saltspring. Added a half lining, extended the bodice and added split seams. 
I wanted something quite long line and had seen a top similar to this ages ago (probably on Pinterest) where the back piece is much longer.

Fabric: Some more black viscose, just picked up from Fabric Land. Nice and cheap, nice and floaty and easy to use.

Notions: Just a bit of iron on interfacing used to strengthen the shoulder straps

Thoughts: I like this and will probably make a couple more next year, I might shorten the back piece slightly but I like it for this version, I love how it comes down over your bum!