Friday, 16 March 2018

February: AnnaBell.....

2018 Make 2

Need: Pretty dress for work and play

I wanted something easy to wear, not too dressy and not too casual...alright there Goldilocks! I'm missing my Anna dresses, all well worn and long gone from my wardrobe. In fact this one was my favourite and I wore it to it's untimely death so definitely time to recreate such a well loved dress! I've also done a bit of work in the past on getting the bodice fit just right so I know I wont need any adjustments with this TNT bodice any more. Actually looking at those photos now I'm not sure why I didn't just use the Anna skirt pattern too? Oh well, on with the Belladone. Another well loved pattern, particularly the skirt part. I love the mini A line and pockets. The front pleats match up nicely with the bodice front darts too. These two together are a nice match. 
I self lined the bodice and used french seams for the skirt and waist so theres no pesky fraying sticking out anywhere, as nice as viscose is to use, it's down fall is the fray!

Fabric: 3m polka dot viscose

Out of everything thats missing from my wardrobe right now (and thats a lot) I miss my polka dots the most. Jenny DIY alerted me to this cracker of a viscose. I picked it up from Minerva and it's a really lovely weight and drape. Viscose is so great to work with and feels so nice to wear, I bought enough to make a top out of the left overs at some point this year too.

Notions: Lace detail exposed zip

I can't remember where I picked these up now but I've got a few colours in my stash, they're so pretty, although this one does get a little lost in the spots. I love how easy they are to insert and I was feeling a bit lazy towards slotting in a concealed zipper too.


Yep, pleased with this one. Although next time I make up an Anna I'm going to remind myself to stick with the orginal skirt pieces, perhaps with the pocket add ons, as the pockets on the Belladone actually feel a little high now I've been wearing it, although that doesn't stop them holding all my lip balm/phone/spare change junk. But YEY! to a spotty Anna being back in my wardrobe!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Sewing for the small: Brindille & Twig.....

I remember getting asked a lot if I would be sewing lots of baby things when I was pregnant, after some thought it was a big fat NO. Too tiny, too fiddly and they grow out of things too quickly. I think that was a fair point for the first year, but now I feel like what I make could actually be worn for longer than a few weeks and baby is now toddler and wears clothes a bit bigger so not so fiddly! 

I love buying Ted clothes, like LOVE it a lot. There's such cute stuff out there and it's relatively cheap, well compared to adult clothing anyway but I recently started to think how simple his little trousers are and how surely I should be able to put those together myself and lo and behold I can.....

Go check out their selection of patterns for kids, theres load of them. Who knew there were so many styles of trousers out there?! I chose these cuff pants as they are the closest to what I've been buying. I like that you can use different, contrasting, fabric on the waist and ankle cuffs.

Fabric: Cotton Jersey

The bear print I found on Ebay. I bought just half a meter and got two pairs of trousers out of it, with enough left over to make up a couple of newborn hats for a friend. 

The black  jersey and the ribbing are from the Village Haberdashery. I had an email to remind me about my stash points and managed to get a meter of jersey and half of the ribbing all with points. (I LOVE points, Boots points, Nectar points, Pampers points....sign me up!) 

Notions: Iron on transfers

Would these come under notions?? Well today they do. I've had this book of iron on transfers for ages. I get scared to commit them to fabric in case I change my mind but they're perfect for the little. I think I'll be using these up this year. 

Thoughts: Love this pattern, super easy and quick to sew up and seeing as the sizing goes up to 6T I think I'll be using this for some time. 
If you want to use nice fabric then I'm not sure that they're that efficient cost wise but at least you're able to choose exactly the colours and patterns you want so it's a win.