Sunday, 24 March 2013

Simplicity 2588: Finished!

Excuse the shoddy photos but it's finished!!....

I can see the few bits I need to tweak, yes it doesn't quite match up at the neck line, it needs to go down a size on the bodice but this aint too shoddy for a first go eh?

Friday, 22 March 2013

Simplicity 2588: Part 3....

So now I'm at the skirt stage and all is still going well....

Pleats in and pockets! 

Time to stick the two pieces together.....

And OMG to my upper amazement it all matched up!

Then this part happened.....adding a dreaded zip.....without a zipper foot...

The pinning in was fine...

The sewing part was little traumatic. The thread just kept snapping even though I was taking my time and changing the must have been because of the foot...right???

But I did manage to get it in, and because this is my first ever dress I'm not too worried about a few extra stitch adds to the charm :)

So now it just needs a quick iron and we'll see how it looks.....

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Simplicity 2588: Part 2.....

The sewing has started!
And do you know what, I'm finding much more simple than I thought I would. I think I had a preconception that once you start sewing a pattern you need to use all of these different unknown stitches that newbies would never of heard of.....of course you don't its all pretty straight forward...phew!

I got so engrossed in the whole thing I forgot to take any progress pictures. 
The only real sticking point I came across was attaching the yoke to the bodice; the picture on the pattern was a bit misleading and I pinned it upside down to start with....I managed to sort it out with some logical thinking.

A couple of hours later and ta-daaaa! I have a dress bodice...all 3 dimensional and everything!

Another bonus is it seems to fit too :)

That was more than enough for one day, I'm not rushing this remember!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Simplicity 2588: Part 1.....

Seeing as this is the very first pattern I've attempted I'm making myself go nice and slow and methodical. I get a bit excited with new projects and want them finished now! I want to see the completed peice! But I now I need to take my time with this, read everything thoroughly and stop sewing when I feel like I'm starting to flag a bit, I don't want things to go pear shaped or I'll get a bit angry and loose interest...."this patterns not working!"

So I've started with all of the cutting.......... (erm, of course)

Annoyingly I needed a different size for the skirt to the bodice so I had to do a good job of 'blending' the pattern lines.....damn you pear shaped body!

Once I had all of the pieces ready I got to work cutting my fabric....even this needed mass concentration ...the grain line, on the fold, matching up the selvages....I'm sure that any sewers reading this will think I'm completely stupid but these new words and terms are mind melt for a complete newbie!

So I have all of my pieces, it doesn't look like much once it's all cut. I can't wait for it to soon become a dress (hopefully not a tent) but I'm going to call it a day....look how good I'm being!

Oh, and as usual all work overseen by Betty's watchful eyes....

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Having a go....

After getting my hands on a stash of gorgeous fabrics from work I've been running up a few of these skirts, I even ventured to another page of that book and managed to make myself a dress too (pics to come) I'm getting quite well practiced in this sewing in a straight line malarky. So much so that I thought it was time to actually push myself a bit and try to maybe sew round a bend, in a dart, on a button hole or to even stitch in the ditch (?!?!) 

I've taken the leap and actually bought myself a dress pattern! After spending a good few hours perusing blogs, pinterest and ebay for pattern inspiration I finally decided on Simplicity 2588.

One pattern eight different styles, one of those being a cute little round neck, fitted bodice and flared skirt option with a large bow on the waist...perfect! This dress is my perfect style. I find it hard to find dresses the right length on the high street so I'm really hoping I can manage this so I can start filing my wardrobe with perfect dresses :)

I've read a lot of blogs where other people have used this pattern and it sounds quite do-able for a first time pattern user, although everyone I've seen has chosen to sew the slim fit skirt. 

Seeing as I've never used a pattern before I thought it best I do a test run before using a fabric I really like that I pay a bit more money for, just in case it's a complete disaster.
So I'm using this cute bow print cotton (from my free stash) it's nice enough to sew and if it does work I can still wear it :)

So wish me luck, I'm going to start by reading everything at least three times with google on hand for working out all the new terminology I need to know.......