Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Simplicity 2444: The Duvet Dress.....

I think I'm falling a little bit in love with this pattern. This is the easiest fit on a bodice I've made so far what with no pesky boob darts to position. After getting my Ooh lala dress right I went gun ho on this one...

I scored this gorgeous flower print cotton from was a duvet cover! 
(Oh you can tell? Oh well I really don't care because....LOVE IT!)

I also bagged a plain white cotton sheet so this became my underlining (of course)
I went a size down on the bodice from last time as there was quite a bit of ease. I did intend on adding another gathered skirt too but what with all the lining it was too bulky to gather with running stitches so I made up my own pleats using the very technical way of matching the side seams and then eyeballing the middle and midway points and adding folds.... 

Shocking worked! I love how the pleats have turned out and the bodice is a perfect fit. 
Did I mention how much I love this dress??

Even matched up the pattern on the back bodice. I used a cute lemon exposed zip just to test it out really and I quite like it........oh no that's right...I LOVE it... :)

Monday, 24 June 2013

Dinky dresses....

I'm going to be making a little bridesmaid type dress for my niece and to help decide on the style I've made a couple of different ones up to see how they look. One word.....CUTE!

If I had enough of that red heart print cotton.....that dress would be mine!!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Peony Peplum....

This was Peony No 2, never blogged and never worn. 
I'm not too sure what it is about it but I made it back in April and not once have I wanted to get it out and wear it, I even made the belt to go with, in a really cute heart print. I think it's something to do with those stripes (and the fact that I fluffed up the direction of the front bodice, they should have been horizontal but i didn't notice until I'd finished damn it)

So this weekend I got this dress out from said wardrobe and decided to refashion it into something I'm more likely to wear.

I've seen a few lovely peplum tops over on Pinterest...

This was the way to go.

First I set about getting rid of the dress pockets. Stitched them up and snipped them off!

I used a 22inch zip in the dress so to prevent having to faffa round with this I used the length needed to leave it in for the peplum part of the top. Measured this all the way around and snipped off the skirt!

And there you have it, a Peony Peplum!

Friday, 21 June 2013

hellobettybow SALE!....

Hello Betty Bow closes for a little holiday next week so why not grab a bargain, theres 20% off everything in our Etsy shop between now and next Thursday (midday) using code BETTY20 at the checkout.....happy shopping!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Saturday skirt refashions....

I got busy with this pile of unwanted and unused clothes this weekend...

I'm in need of some holiday skirts (yey holiday soooooon!)

First up this pair of jeans...

I've been looking for some nice chambray for ages but no fabric shops have come up to scratch so instead I thought I'd just these oversized jeans, bought in the sale, to make up a new skirt. You cant really go wrong with a denim skirt, they go with almost anything. I decided on the standard jeans to skirt style and took in the waist band quite a bit. 
Skirt number 1 done :)

I also used up two jersey tops for the stripe pencil skirt and patterned black and white. The coral one was a strapless sundress that I never liked to wear because it a was a couple of inches too short...chop off the top and you have the perfect skirt length!
I'm really pleased with all of these and they're going to be really useful holiday pieces.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Making a list....

I LOVE making lists, and using post it's, and writing on chalk boards, and setting phone reminders...basically I think of so many things I want to do, make, and see throughout the day theres no way I can remember it all so I'm constantly writing something the end of the week my bag is full of notes.
At the moment this revolves mostly around dressmaking and sewing. I read loads of sewing blogs on most of my lunch breaks at work and always get inspired by other dress patterns people use...hence all the post it's, so I thought I'd actually get a proper list together on here that I can refer to and cross off as I go.
So in no particular order....
The back detail on this dress is very sweet.

Burda 7739

Simplicity 2591

the pockets are gorgeous and I LOVE the fabric on Roisins version

 I first saw this on Marie's blog, that collar is so cute!
Lauren's version sold me on this pattern
I've been meaning to get on with this one for ages, love the geometric fabric used in the pic above.
So theres my list (until I add several other post it's) After my summer holiday these are firmly on my 'To do' radar. I'm thinking of trying to get in one a month and have them all crossed off by the end of the year but I'll see how it goes.
Now to sort out a fabric shopping trip! :)

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Simplicity 2444: The Ooh La La dress...

I had this dress in part of my planned MMMay13 makes, and I did finish it in May, I just thought I'd wait until I'd actually been to Paris before I wrote it up....aaahhh the memories

We went for a quick weekend trip to clebrate our 10 year anniversary and it was rather lovely. So I'm really glad I now have this dress as a reminder. Anyways enough of the lovely dovey...
There are loads of Paris dresses in sewing blog land and I came across this pale pink version of the Michael Miller fabric in a little shop in Brighton. I love the weightyness of the fabric and thought this colour would be perfect wedding dress material (as in wedding guest!)
I used Simplicity 2444 but when I got to cutting the skirt I realised there wasnt enough width in the fabric. As the pattern of the eiffel towers all need to go in the same direction I couldnt fit the outer corners of the skirt onto the fabric even if I cheted with the fold....eeeek!!
Luckily I have been a fan of Roisin's blog for a while now and I took inspiration from many of her gorgeous dresses having a gathered skirt instead so i went about my diy ways and added my own gathered skirt instead of the one in the pattern. I can't really compare, as I havent made the pattern version yet, but I love this gathered skirt, I also added pockets....all dresses should have pockets!
Overall this was a really easy and quick make. I LOVE the bodice on this pattern. After struggling with the bodice darts on the Peony these were a dream; I'll be using this pattern again. I didn't take any pics of the inside yet but I also managed to french seam it all.

I'm going to be wearing this on Saturday to my lovely friends wedding. I've added the black ribbon belt to take the sheen off the whole "pinkness".

My big decision now is to underskirt or not. It doesnt look too different in this pic but it feels like I'm wearing a cupcake. I've always wanted a dress with a big frilly underskirt but now I've got one I'm getting all shy about wearing it.

To frill or not to frill??